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Peppermint Cafe


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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Great of food but slow service

Really yummy food here but that was overshadowed by the lack of service. The Nasi Goreng was one of our favourites in Bali which is big considering we ate it everyday. The salt and pepper calamari was also really tasty. We sat in the outside grasses area which as really nice but it seemed like they forgot about us. Took a long time to take our order and even longer for the food. The restaurant was really quiet when we were there too so no excuses.

14 Jul 2018



Good food but service lacking

We visited recently (2 adults and 2 children). The place wasn't overly full but when we requested a table for4 the Waitress insisted on pulling 2 tables together from the front of the restaurant and putting them smack bang in the middle of the restaurant- nothing like being on show!! The service started off ok, meals ordered with the request that they all come out together (2 entrees and 3 mains to share), and drinks also ordered. We saw people come and be turned away , must have been expecting a big crowd we thought because there were a lot of empty tables. The outside area looked pretty cool but it was very under-utilised as there was a big space with a couple of tables only. Our drinks came (always a good start) and then 1 of our Entrees (which was cold) and 1 main. Waiting...............oh, here's another main, waiting.............. oh here's another. No sign of the second entree. It wouldn't have been so bad if the waitress had come to see if we would have liked another drink (waiting is always easier with a cold beer!) but no such luck. I watched as a group of 3 girls (politely) pointed out that 2 had eaten and the third was still waiting for her tacos, yes TACOS. Now I'm not a restaurant quality chef but I know that tacos don't take that long. At this time more people were turned away (families and groups) and I thought that a bit of urgency might have been applied to rectify the missing tacos for the very patient young lady (also I might add no drinks for us either). Ahh, no. Our meals eaten, still only one drink down and time to pay the bill. The missing entree was turned up on our bill. When queried the reply was "sorry, would you like it to go". No thanks, I like to eat my restaurant meals in guessed it, the restaurant. Request to please take the entree that we didn't receive off our bill met with lots of debating between staff. Eventually, said missing entree was removed and we were off. I must add that the food was good, just the service lacked a lot.

12 Jul 2018



Gorgeous gardens but the food was a little lacking

We stopped here for a drink in the early evening and decided to return for dinner as the menu looked good. We ordered dinner and had to wait for quite a while although the place wasn't busy. My husband ordered a burger and was served it and had finished before my burrito arrived. I assumed this meant my burrito would be amazing but when it arrived after much prompting it was cold. We questioned the waitress who assured us it was supposed to be cold, I may be wrong but I've never had a cold burrito before but I now assume it was termed wrong on the menu and was a chicken wrap! Essentially I had a cold chicken wrap that tasted like it had straight from a high power fridge as it was so cold. Needless to say I was very disappointed a) due to the wait and b) it wasn't tasty at all, it tasted like cold limp lettuce. My husband had a burger which was actually very tasty hence the 3 star review. The garden area was very pretty with hanging lights and picnic style benches but for a huge outdoor space there were only 3 tables and vast spaces of grass which seemed like a waste

05 Jul 2018

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