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One Bali Agro Luwak Coffee

One Bali Agro Luwak Coffee

Tanah Lot

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Casual Dining

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John C


Do Not Go There

I like Lewak Coffee and have a special little machine purchased in Bali to make it up. The coffee at this establishment was the worst coffee I have ever tried to drink. It was harsh, bitter and tasted like a cross between diesel fuel and cough medicine. They just ground up the beans and used a standard coffee maker as you will find in any restaurant. I drink mostly Latte's with two sugars. With Lewak Coffee I drink it black without sugar as the taste is fabulous and I find no need to add anything. The gadget I have heats a container of water with pure alcohol so no smell, converts the water into steam which is passed through the ground coffee, then the coffee comes back into a container with a tap to fill your cup. The coffee has been strained and filtered and is a magic taste. It can also be served in a plunger type, but filtering and the right temperature of water is the secret. The other thing so wrong with the place id the poor drugged Lewak chained to a counter. We spoke to staff nearby who told us that the poor animal was drugged every morning. Please avoid this cafe.

13 Nov 2018



Visit But Use Your Spray

Visited on the way back from the temple so pitch black with dimly lit path through the exhibition to the sampling kitchen. The place was absolutely alive with flying bodies and ants, I am sure that they could spray to keep on top of it, spoilt a nice experience. Lady made us a tray of sample coffees and teas all made locally some delicious others not so much, each to their own I guess. Samples were free, so felt obliged to make a purchase in the shop on the way out, but was fairly priced so we didn’t feel too bad.

09 Oct 2018

Freek W


Not just coffee its a experience.

You get a little tour thru the garden. They tell you how the coffee is made. You get 12 types of coffee/thee to taste for free. Really nice people and a great view

15 Sep 2018

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One Bali Agro Luwak Coffee

JL Raya Tanah Lot, Beraban Indonesia