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Olivier Eclectic Fine Foods & Spirits
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Olivier Eclectic Fine Foods & Spirits


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Gabster X


Love the eclectic dishes

Been to this place for a couple of times and the food never failed me. I think children of mix races are the most beautiful human beings on earth. They inherit the best of the two genes. So does Olivier. They have bread... Proper, gorgeous fresh from the oven bread accompanied by chilli butter. Yes, chilli. Oh, and off course THE salmon tapas. Perfect slice of smoked salmon twirling on top of cream fraiche and chilli-flake shortbreads. When you first read the menu, you think like "What?!" But then you eat them and suddenly hope that none of your friends ask whether they can have a bite.. Coz you want them all for yourself. Crispy pork skin and crunchy squid risotto.. #heaven. Don't go for conventional like grilled salmon and stuff.. There's no point for you to come here and be safe with your choices. Waiters are very attentive and smart (not many Indonesian restaurant have those). Very gorgeous decor. And yes, please stop imitating those superficial and pretentious upscale restaurant by hiring snob staff. We love your food, we love the ambience, and yes we can pay, but sometimes we just want to be there without being overdressed. I didn't see the snob one on my last visit though.

07 Nov 2015



Excellent garden like in Paris, but not amazing enough for the foods!

I went there and order salad, salmon grill, Vietnamese coffee, cake and house wine for lazy afternoon. The service was great like the salmon I tasted, delicious. But for the salad is so so well I think something wrong with the vegetables. And for Vietnamese coffee, I think not well presented enough. Honestly I'm a coffee lover so when they take out my black cup and the teapot, I was thinking "hey what are you doing? " the glass not full yet and it's was freaking sweet because I need more coffee (for my own taste). So I think next time better you leave the teapot on the table and asked whether the customer still need those cup and teapot.

08 Oct 2015

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Olivier Eclectic Fine Foods & Spirits

Jln. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall, GF, Jakarta 10110 Indonesia