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Njoglo Resto

Tutup9.00 - 10.00 (Sen)

Detail Restoran - Njoglo Resto

Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Asia, Sate, Kue
Batasan Makanan
Sedia Makanan Halal
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • Smoking
  • WiFi
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Terima Reservasi

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Makan dan minuman lezat

Lokasi resto ini berada dalam satu bangunan dengan Jogja Village in. Semua makanan dan minuman begitu lezat!

29 Mar 2018

Joan S


My favorite in Yogya

Good food, good environment, good price and 'super' waiter! We've been in Yogya just for three days but this is the best restaurant I've been here. I higly recommend it!

03 Oct 2015



Not your average hotel restaurant –– this is really an excellent place to eat!

It's really a shame that only three people (so far, not counting me) have reviewed this restaurant. That is surely because it is a hotel restaurant, well hidden in the central garden of the Dusun Jogjakarta Village Inn. But this place deserves a wider clientele, and it certainly deserves more recognition. We ate in three different places during our stay in Yogyakarta (or Jogjakarta, depending on your preference), and this place was as good or better than either of the other two. It is hard to beat the location: an open air dining area beside a pool in the gorgeous, flower-laden central garden courtyard of a tropical paradise-style lodging. You certainly don't have to stay in the hotel to eat here –– just walk through the entrance lobby, and there you are in the garden with the restaurant right in front of you. Then there's the food. It is uniformly excellent. The style could be described as "contemporary Indonesian." Except for a few obviously European offerings, almost the entire menu is Indonesian cuisine, but with a distinctly upbeat, modern twist. My wife and I had a superb coconut-tofu-mushroom soup, so delicious I was left practically licking the bowl. For the main course, we both had grilled chicken in coconut sauce –– obviously, an Indonesian recipe, but in a somewhat more modern presentation, with rice and salad. For desert, home-made ice cream. The dinner was just perfect, and incredibly reasonably priced. As I said at the outset, this place deserves more attention. It is a fantastic place to eat, regardless of where you are staying in Yogyakarta!

18 Sep 2015

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Njoglo Resto

Jln. Menukan No 5 | Karangkajen, Yogyakarta,Indonesia