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Silvia R


Nice views, average seafood, bad sickness the following day

Our guide recommended us to go there to enjoy the sunset in Jimbaran. We had a combo of seafood, because otherwise the pieces they had were extremely weighed. Even though it was not true because after insisting they end by showing me smaller pieces of seafood but I guess they are not interesting in selling them apart because they get bigger deals with the combos. The service is not nice as in other parts of Indonesia. As I ate some prawns I realized it tasted regular so it passed through my mind that maybe they were poor quality. The worst part of the dinner was the following day: both my partner and I had strong stomachaches and diarrea for some days. So my recommendation is to avoid the place.

16 Jul 2018



Terrible- didn't get our food

This restaurant is terrible. We waited for 2 hours and still didn't get our food. We knew that food was taking a while so we waited an hour and a quarter before asking a waiter, 45 minutes later still nothing so we gave up and left.

18 Jun 2018

Riana T


dinner in Jimbaran

me and hubby would like to have a dinner after enjoying the sunset at Jimbaran as i have a great moments before.. unfortunately we both forget where was the restaurant we ever visited.. then the driver recommended us to dine here.. for the tourist, please do ask first before you guys sit under the cute sofa.. i heard that they charge 100k to sit there.. after i heard that, i asked the waitress, should we pay for sitting here? the waitress said no need, because you are here together with the guide.. got the unsecure feeling at the moment, but we already ordered..the taste of the food not so bad.. my suggestion for the visitor, please do find the review for the restaurants in Jimbaran area.

11 Jun 2018

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New Moon Cafe

Kedonganan Beach, Jimbaran Indonesia