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Nebula Kuningan
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Nebula Kuningan

3.5 / 5(2)
Buka Sekarang11.00 - 10.00 (Sen)

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Asia, Bali, Indonesia, Nasi Goreng
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Casual Dining

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Good food good vibe!

Absolutely an all rounded restaurant! Amazing brunch menus that are the same from the ones in Bali branch, but totally different modern asian menus for its Lunch and Dinner. Favorite dinner menu is their lamb shank which I heard is cooked for 18 hours! Second time I visited was on a friday night, their cocktail is simply one of the best in town, gotta try their version of ramoz gin fizz. They have a live music performance which follow up by some nice house music played by a DJ a bit later of the night.

17 Sep 2017



Up and coming restaurant in Jakarta

Nebula is one of the best new trendy Jakarta restaurants I have ever tried in 2017. Every dish we tried was flavourful and did not disappoint. I really like the set up and environment of the restaurant as well - it is very comfortable, edgy with a homey feel to it. I will definitely come back and recommend to all my friends.

30 Jul 2017



GREAT Food, Price, Coffee, Cocktail, and Ambience all in one

SHORT STORY Morning : Smoothie bowls + Brunch + Coffee (weekends) Noon : Lunch + Coffee Evening : Dinner + Dessert After hour : Snacks + Cocktails *FREE MINERAL WATER Basically they got all of your needs for all days LONG STORY Walked in with some of my friends, trying the new hit in the Mega Kuningan block to see what's up there. Parking there were super easy, gigantic parking area is available just right in front of the restaurant for easy and quick access especially during rush hours. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, i fell in love with their unique interior design with a touch of Balinese local arts like hand made bricks, hand painted ceramics, and so on that gives the place such a nice blend of urban and exotic Bali touch. We were greeted by their manager, she's very welcoming and warm towards us and I like how it felt just like it was in Bali where people there are mostly chill and warm. We got seated at the half circle table, perfectly shaped for the party of 4-6. Two menus were given to us, the food and the beverages menu. ---- Food ---- I'd have to say, their menu is mostly asian fusion with balinese blend in it and the choices are still pretty limited. However, Nebula Bali's well known western menus such as smoothie bowls, brunch menus, and the newest burgers line are also to join the Kuningan branch in no time, glad to hear that! We tried about half of their full menu list and boy, none of them were below 8/10. The food quality is superb, delivery time was fast, and the thing that stunned me was their Fried Rice (counted as a SIDE dish) which is priced at IDR 17K only! It's such a perfect complimentary to our : -Salted egg squid (my most fav, ordered 2X), - Beef lilit satay,- Lamb Shank (I don't normally eat lamb because of the smell, but their shank is so nice that I would compare theirs to those of Turkuaz fine dining in Senopati) and - Grilled whole fish (boy, the fish is so tasty, fresh and easy to eat). -------- Beverages -------- I would've tried their signature coffee blend during the day, but it was dinner time so i didn't order any that night. (caffeine gives me hard times to sleep) What caught me off guard was they don't have AQUA or EQUIL on their menu list but they serve mineral water for FREE!! I couldn't believe what i heard and had to ask the waitress thrice. I mean, FREE mineral water?? in Jakarta? That's amazing in my opinion! They've successfully implemented Balinese hospitality in Jakarta especially considering there are many expats living in Kuningan area who enjoy Balinese vibe as well. -------- Cocktails -------- Their drinks quality vs the listed price does not make sense, it's super good and most of them are priced for almost half of the price of those from similar bars around Mega Kuningan. Ranging around 60-80k per glass, it's a valuable deal rarely found anywhere else in Jakarta, let alone in Mega Kuningan area. They're pretty new so there are only some available selection, but the owner told me they have finished preparing 8 more to the tables! p.s. I've tried some of the upcoming cocktail menu and they're all good!! I love this new spot and will surely be back frequently! Keep it up with all those huge plus points I mentioned above and keep making good surprises!! - - - - - - Nebula Kuningan has set the bar really high with their sophisticated hospitality and is a new must to go place in Kuningan especially during lunch or after hour work time!

18 Jul 2017

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Nebula Kuningan

Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Kantor Taman A9, unit C11-12, Jakarta 12950 Indonesia