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Natrabu Minang

Natrabu Minang

Nusa Dua

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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Good Food on a Busy Road

The halal restaurant is about 13-15 minutes walking distance from Sanur. Easy to get there but the road we walked was a pretty busy one. About ten dishes were served and they charged us based on what we ate. They had veg, chicken and beef served with white rice. We paid Rph200k for three plates of rice and seven dishes. The restaurant itself was quite big. Great for tour groups or if you are travelling in big numbers.

17 Jan 2019



Very nice Padang food

Padang food is a specialty food originally from West Sumatra. Rich flavored as cooked using coconut milk. This restaurant has been our family Padang restaurant since ages ago. We had a delicious lunch this afternoon. Good and fast service as expected.

14 Oct 2018



Local Nasi Pandang

Decided to go off the beaten tract and go native with the locals. So we went to the local nasi padang restaurant near the hotel we were staying. It is beside the busy high way. I have eaten nasi padang in Singapore but not in Indonesia. I thought it might be an interesting experience for my wife. Big restaurant that will take big tour groups. Brightly lit and clean The decor is ethnic Indonesian artifacts and the central stage is decorated for a traditional wedding. Nasi Pandang Indonesian style, for the uninitiated is a totally different concept of dinning , a bit like tapas. Whatever the kitchen has cooked for that day, they will bring it all out to you in small plates. You can't choose. There could be at least 6 to 8 varieties of dish including, chicken curry, fried chicken, beef Rendang, Egg curry, curry vegetables, etc. You will be served with the obligatory steam rice and a cup of Chinese tea. The food is usually room temperature but sometimes warm. But the rice is hot. You pay for what you eat. If some of the dishes don't suit your taste, you don't pay for it if you didn't touch it. The food was typical indonesian food, not bad and tasty. Moderately priced. If you haven't tried it, good to experience it once. You get to taste what the locals usually eat...it is not Mee goreng, nasi goreng and satay all the time!

10 Sep 2018

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Natrabu Minang

Bypass Ngurah Rai Sanur, Denpasar Indonesia