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Namaaz Dining - Senopati

4.5 / 5(2)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$$ • Di atas Rp300.000/orang
Indonesia, Daging
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Fine Dining

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Belly C


Excellent molecular gastronomy dining

We had an amazing time at Namaaz Dining, since the food were excellent and presented creatively. We believe that the quality of food is as important as the dining experience, and Namaaz definitely delivered. We enjoyed 17 Indonesian cuisines, made using molecular gastronomy techniques: - Churros Cireng Salty tapioca fritters with peanut & shrimp paste sambal and pineapple sauce. Love the combination of cireng and the pineapple sauce as I never imagined both of them put in the same plate. -Telur (Fruit Juice) Mango popping bubble (shaped like egg yolk) and Lime juice (shaped like egg white), served in an egg shell. Sweet yet refresing. A bit hard to eat, but I think that's what the chef needed to do to make the 'egg' stayed that way. - Cabe-Cabean (Ayam Tinorangsak) The chicken was presented in the shape of chili. Underneath the chicken was tinorangsak sambal and rice chips. This was my favorite appetizer, as the rice chips was very thin and crunchy, and the seasoning on the chicken was perfectly bold. - Udang di Balik Batu (Udang Sambal Roa) The 'rock' was Shrimp made with Roa Sambal, processed to have the texture similar to Onde2. The black color was obtained from black sesame. - Kelereng (Urap) A refreshing appetizer consisting of vegetables and a whole shrimp wrapped inside gel-like casing. Tasted really good and looks colorful. - Daging (Watermelon) 18-hours dehydrated-watermelon was reconstituted with its own water to get this kind of texture. Amazed by how similar it is to raw meat. - Keripik Balado If you have never tried eating candles before, you should definitely eat them here. Assorted chips presented inside the cassava root can be consumed by dipping them inside the candles. Apparently they used pecan as the wick to make the candle lightable. - Opor Ayam. The pencil is a piece of cracker, you could roll the paper with it and dip all of them into coconut sauce inside the ink jar. The dish was savory and incredibly creamy, with additional crunchiness from the pencil crackers - Teh Talua. Frozen meringue with fruit juice-popping bubble. The chef made it one-by-one in front of us. As soon as the appetizer was given to us, we have to consume it immediately. Tasted cold and refreshing. - Tumis Cumi The squid ink was dehydrated and shaped to form QR Code. Creamy-braised squid was put next to the QR code. They tasted amazing together as the squid ink was salty and umami. - Tunjang Innards stew, sambal ijo, and sambal krecek wrapped inside rice noodles that has been shaped like bowl. It tasted super creamy, not smelly at all. Super delicious! - Steak Bumbu Rendang My favorite main course, coconut sauce combined with 58 degree-seared-steak tasted amazing. Additional dried rendang completed the dish. A bit simple compared to the rest of the dish, but tasted divine. - Kambing Guling All of the dish was covered in charcoal to make the color black. The inspiration is from the charcoal used to roast lamb. The lamb was perfectly cooked, combined with sweet soy sauce and chili, as well as some sort of chips and boiled cassava. Also one of the most excellent dish of the night. - Teh Gemblong Namaaz interpretation of flavored tea, shaped into traditional cake, Gemblong.  The cake itself tasted plain, but after smelling the aromatics given along with the cake, the taste changed to what we were smelling. Such a great sensory experience. - Dragon's Breath Macaroon that has been dried using liquid nitrogen. We needed to directly put the macaroon into our mouth to make the smoke/dragon's breath came out from our mouths and noses. Hot tea were given to be drunk immediately after that, so we could taste the quick changes between hot and cold inside our mouth. - Explodeng The most unique dish/experience! Es Podeng was served in front of us one element at the time. When the last element was served, the desserts exploded, lights were turned off, and the music were played. It was messy, in the most amazing way. We have one thing to say: You MUST come here if you're longing for out-of-ordinary dining experience!

19 Mar 2018

Angelin Chisa P


Unexpectedly fun!

It was a fun dining! Every courses was thoughtfully crafted and plated. I got fooled so many times by the appearances of the food - not going to spoil the fun here. In terms of taste, I think it was just okay. But for all the fun and beautiful concepts, 2 thumbs up! Would go back if they have a new concept or season, would love to be in-awe again.

19 Mar 2018



Definitely Fun Dining!

Our first dining experience at Namaaz was mind-blowing. It was such an enjoyable experience that we flew our whole family to Jakarta this week specifically to dine at Namaaz again. They were attentive to every individual and took the time to explain every dish that was served. We were spoilt silly by their offering of more than 10 course dinner!

18 Mar 2018

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