Mie Aceh Jaly-Jaly

Mie Aceh Jaly-Jaly

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Firda A


Mie aceh mantap

Mie aceh ini enak. Anda butuh banyak minum es karena rasanya pedas tetapi enak dan gurih banget. Harganya juga tidak mahal dan porsinya pas.

28 May 2017

Nicho Y


Good for hangouts but not the food

I used to come here a lot when they opened for the first time like 3 years a go. They served various foods originally from Aceh Darussalam. Mie aceh, nasi goreng, nasi kari kambing etc. By the time the place was crowded the food taste decreased and suddenly lost the touch of its origin. Mostly people are hangout here cause the outdoor area is singapore hawker style just next to the street. The beverages is fine tough, like the tea tarik, es timun serut and the kopi sanger.

11 Jun 2016




I love their previous Gayo coffee few years ago. I don't know what happen with this place, at my last visit i found that "my black coffee isn't authentic Gayo coffee bean" (I know it well...). When the place was deserted i will get "delicious Aceh fried noddle", but when the place so crowded with customer....they will serve me with " less tasty foo

02 Nov 2015

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Mie Aceh Jaly-Jaly

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