Micky's Mad House
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Micky's Mad House


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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 300.000/orang
Eropa, Italia
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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I have no idea why people are saying this is the best Italian restaurant in Bali. Yes it’s Italian food but nothing special. The owner is very friendly although the staff that took our order didn’t even know what the dishes were. We asked him to read back the order and his notepad was blank! He was just pretending to write so we took it off him and wrote it ourselves. Crazy but funny. Pizza was ok, lasagne was really fatty and over cooked. There was orange fat left on the plate after. The bruschetta has so much pepper it’s all I could taste. The view from upstairs is great and has cool breezes during the day. It was an ok meal but probably won’t return.

31 Mar 2018



Best Pizza ever!!

Such a nice place to be (and eat). The owner of the Restaurant is Italian and knows how to make REAL italian Food. He allowed us to listen to our own Music. The Service was very Kind and served our food very fast. Moreover, the food was not expensive . We will come back soon!!! Grazie Mile.

14 Mar 2018

Runa W


Food not according to menue and rude owner

Went here with a few friends, two of us were disappointed by our food, but the worst thing was how the owner handled it. I ordered a smoked salmon pasta dish which came with a different type of pasta than what the menu said (spaghetti rather than penne) and with salmon that wasn't smoked. With the lack of salty flavor from the smoked salmon the dish tasted too greasy and I couldn't eat half of it. My friend ordered the avocado pizza that she had once before and loved, and it came out with a few tiny cubes of avocado, rather than the big slices she got the first time she ordered it. When we asked the waiter about this we were directed to the owner who started yelling at us. He told me very loudly that he was out of penne and didn't have time to go shopping, before getting a thick salmon filet from the freezer, showing it in my face and yelling that this is smoked salmon - as if I would be able to tell from a frozen chunk. Also, I've never seen that thick filets of smoked salmon. To my friend he gave a long and equally loud speech about it not being avocado season, but, sarcastically, if she so desperately wanted more avocado he would be happy to cut more hard unripe avocado for her. When we came down to pay later he told me i might be right, the salmon might not be smoked, he actually hadn't tasted it, and blamed the supplier. Interesting with a chef who doesn't taste his food. Then he told me I wouldn't have to pay for my food. Well, that lasted until the moment I was actually paying where he asked me to pay two thirds. Not exactly a very good deal for a meal I didn't eat because it was something totally different from what the menu said. All in all, the food stuff wasn't that catastrophic, but the way we were abused by the owner for voicing our dissatisfaction was rude and very uncomfortable and made us want to get out of there as soon as possible. And definitely not come back.

24 Jan 2018

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Micky's Mad House

Jl. Subak Sari 13 Intersection with Gg. Sri Khayangan, Denpasar 80361 Indonesia