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Mao Jia Cai
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Mao Jia Cai


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Casual Dining

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Spicy Lunch

The taxi driver took us here and upon seeing Trip Adviser sticker gave us more confident. The place is not clean as fries are flying around, the waiting staff did put a candle for us to chase the fries. Service is pretty good and prompt. We ordered the Pepper/Salt prawns which the prawns are not sweet, the pork trotter pretty good, the fry green chilly is tasteful but all dishes are spicy. The MSG level is pretty high so if you are sensitive to it like me try to avoid this restaurant.

24 May 2018



Pas mal

En rentrant à la villa qui se trouve juste à côté Nous y sommes rentrés Quel bonne surprise, restaurant sans prétention qui fait des plats locaux très bons et pas cher du tout Si l occasion se représente j irais sans problème

21 Apr 2018



Dont stop here

This is why trip advisor is important. This restaurant has a trip advisor sticker which is supposed to tell guests that it is a good restaurant. The fact is, it isn't. For a start, the employees were not friendly. Maybe too tired, maybe the salary is too small, maybe both. But the employees were not smiling. That's very odd for balinese. The menu showed that the food were a bit pricey but they looked really good. So we ordered fish, soup, tofu and veggies. Only the tofu and veggies were okay. Not great but okay. The soup was bland and the fish, fishy. Even the rice was horrible: a bit yellow and hard. Restaurant should never have this kind of rice The look in the menu stayed good, the real look was much worse. But why pricey? Because of the portion. It was sizable. Unfortunately it was not that great if the taste was not that great. So, don't stop here is my trip advisor advise

06 Jul 2017

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Mao Jia Cai

Jl. Sunset Road no. 100 C, Kuta Indonesia