Made Bagus Cafe
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Made Bagus Cafe

Tutup8.00 - 22.30 (Sel)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 300.000/orang
Asia, Seafood
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Frozen and not fresh!!

We chose this place because of the fantastic reviews & decided to take a chance. We can via the back way (not beach) as I was told that you could select your own seafood. We walked past all the other restaurants and the smell of charcoal was fantastic and abundance of fresh seafood was positive. We kept walking and right at the end was our restaurant that had minimal fish to choose from - clams not in water but with a lid covering it covered with flies, charcoal was heating up but nothing had been cooked and the fish had cloudy eyes - I knew at this point we should have left and gone to one of the other places but my husband insisted we give it a crack because of the reviews. We got a great table on the beach and ordered ‘Package A’ which consisted of fish, prawns; crab, clams, squid & lobster - swapped the Rosè for two large Bintangs. The only decent dish were the prawns - the lobster was soft and slushy, clams tasted old and were chewy, crab was dry and the squid tasted like it had been sitting on the bench for days. Not a good experience for us - plenty more places to choose from. Take your time & look around.

29 Mar 2018



The food just isn't good

I was really excited to have dinner here, and have been looking forward to it my entire time in Bali. The setting is obviously very lovely, and the scene is kind of fun and buzzy. We definitely preferred the setting to eating at our boring/stuffy/too-family-friendly hotel. The food here is just not very good -- we had package B (which is objectively a pretty good deal); satay squid, clams, lobster, prawns, and a fish. The satay, clams, and prawns were all *completely soaked* in a really gross, sugary barbecue/ketchup sauce. The clams were literally floating in the sauce in the shell, and everything came worrisomely lukewarm. The squid looked like it had been boiled, not satayed. The lobster was less soaked in sauce, and tasted fine -- but again, nothing to write home about or to even come back and have again. The fish was the closest to being somewhat enjoyable -- it tasted fresh and like it had actually been cooked on a grill.

28 Mar 2018



Great value + sunset

This place is fantastic. We ate here twice during our 5 days in Jimbaran. Lobster, shrimp, snapper, scallops and huge beers for 625k (roughly $45). While not cheap by Bali standards, it’s very cheap by tourist hotel standards. Food is great and view is stunning.

26 Mar 2018

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Made Bagus Cafe

Muaya Beach Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran Indonesia