Maarkeze Cafe
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Maarkeze Cafe

3 / 5(2)
Grand Indonesia (GI)
Tutup10.00 - 21.45 (Sen)

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$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
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Suyo W


Good coffee inside department store

Located in the end of the Central department store. Cozy style cafe, big sofa, wood decor, they served good coffee with compliment pairing small cookies & peanuts. Only short statement, good coffee, delicious snack like croissant, good place with friends. it's Maarkeze Cafe. located east mall Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, first floor inside Central Department store.

26 Feb 2018



Toko kopi di tengah pusat perbelanjaan

Toko kopi dari Ombe Koffie ini berada di tengah department store Central. Cocok untuk tempat beristirahat dan nongkrong setelah shopping seharian di Grand Indonesia.

23 Jan 2018

Brian W


Best Coffee in Town

I am genuinely surprised this place is not more prominently on the radar, considering their coffee is best I have tasted in Jakarta (and I have tasted a LOT of coffee in Jakarta). If you appreciate quality coffee, I highly recommend you make a trip down to Maarkeze immediately. This little shop is nestled within the Central department store in the East Mall of Grand Indonesia shopping mall (next to Social House), which is why it may be so hard to come across. Run by a group of young local entrepreneurs, their passion for coffee is evident. Maarkeze always has two blends on display, typically one strong with undertones for those who enjoy that bold espresso taste, and one floral, for those who like it smooth and less acidic. If you happen to come on a day when they have their Colombian blend for sale, you're a lucky son of a gun and should definitely pick that one. I typically have to ask for a double shot of espresso in most coffee joints around town, but Maarkeze's single blends are rich so perfectly smooth it would be a crime to tip the balance of flavor. In terms of ambiance, they have created a warm open concept that allows maximal interaction between baristas and customers. Their staff are all super friendly and won't hesitate to strike up a conversation. The only downside to the place is that their food menu is still in the experimental phase. They serve light snacks, but don't expect to come here and eat a full meal. Their sandwiches are fantastic, though. Especially try the ham brie.

14 Aug 2017

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Maarkeze Cafe

Grand Indonesia Mall, East Mall, Lantai 1, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia