LOVEster Shack

LOVEster Shack

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Tutup6.00 - 9.00 (Kam)

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Casual Dining

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It was my first visit and got hooked already from the service to the satisfaction of the platters! The site is literally across JIS (Jakarta International School). Not too big in my opinion but comfortable to stay. They get AC for the indoor and little space of terrace in front. When I arrived, the waitress approached me immediately to question my drink and offer the menus. Quick response! Not long afterwards, the platters were served and I was like "wottttt!". First impression, "I am drooling sho bad! Lol" Never get myself or even my mates a proper quality of seafood platter that Lovester Shack offers! Me cryy lol. I love everything they served tbh. Overall taste is something that I should not doubt, spectacular! I didnt smell anything fishy as well. Another plus point is all these mouthwatering meals were served on really CLEAN plates and utensils (hygiene freak 😂, no offense). They have this promo 1.5 boiled crayfish for IDR 300K! Dont forget to dip it with their cajun sauce ❤ Well done, Lovester Shack👍 FYI: I received some feedback after my post in Instagram (@foodagogy). So dont wait anymore, make a visit and prove me right. Enjoy!

04 Apr 2018

Jakarta F


LOVEster Shack for seafood lovers!

LOVEster Shack ~ One of seafood restaurant in South Jakarta area, exact location in Jalan Terogong Raya No. 36 (opposite Jakarta Intercultural School). LOVEster Shack is open from 6.30 AM to 10 PM. Some of the menus we've tried: Appetizer: - Lucky Calamari Grill - Garlic Butter Shrimp Breakfast: - Rise & Shine + Coffee - Momma's Classic French Toast - Homemade Waffle Pasta: - Shrimp Alfredo Sauce Main Course: - 1.5 kg Boiled Crayfish - Lobster & Shrimp Combo Platter - Combo Platter (Arabian Lobster & Jumbo Shrimp) So delicious and recommended for seafood lovers. For April 2018 there is a special promo 1.5 kg Boiled Crayfish served with Cajun Sauce for IDR 300K. LOVEster Shack also serving breakfast and coffee menu.

02 Apr 2018



Good high quality seafood

Come to this resto with my spouse to try their seafood. 1. Setting When visit the first time, the place looks simple and modern. Clean with minimalist décor in it. (Score - 3/5) 2. Service Service is fast and good, but some food due to the nature of the ingredients will take some time to prepare right. However the staff are helpful and courteous (Score – 4/5) 3. Food and Drinks This is the reason to come to this restaurant. The seafood are delicious, well-seasoned and cooked and really really good. Whether it is lobster, prawn, calamari, or any other seafood, it is delectable. I will come back for more for sure. (Score – 5/5) 4. Pricing This restaurant is not cheap, especially due to the high quality seafood material used. (Score – 4/5) 5. Marketing Positioning Suitable for the up market positioning of this restaurant. They are high end seafood restaurant, providing, breakfast, lunch and dinner of the most high quality seafood available. Catering for family, mothers, professionals and also students from nearby international schools. (Score – 5/5) Summary – (Total Score 21 / 5 or 4.2 out of 5) Good quality seafood...I will definitely come back

29 Mar 2018

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LOVEster Shack

Jl. Terogong Raya No. 36, Jakarta Indonesia