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Le Mien

Le Mien

Buka Sekarang10.00 - 21.00 (Sel)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Cina
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Casual Dining

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Chinese style Noodles house樂麵

Last month been here twice,first,i had lunch here,ordered wonton noodle,lemon tea and stick rice,noddle portion small,i think i can have two bowls,sticky rice so so,but noddles tasty.the other day,had dinner here,ordered veggis noodles,veggis buns and lemon tea again,noddles good,buns yummy,real Chinese taste.the price is ok,not very cheap(Malaysia standard),but reasonable in Ubud.if you love noddles,this is a right place for you,they have quite a lot options,next time if revisit,may order two different noddles,to taste the difference.Le Mien is a Chinese style noodles shop,not La Mien,some commenter mixed these two up,that one is a Japanese restaurant.Le Mien is close to Chatime,there is a small road beside Chatime,called jalan sugriwa,walk into this small road,just few steps,you will see Le Mien.

30 Jul 2018



No fuss delicious noodles....super cheap!

My wife had spotted this little gem just off the main street as we were wandering looking for a tailor. It is very basic looking and has 5 or 6 noodle dishes made from their own handmade noodles (recipe 1968 apparently) and a few other dishes, pork bun, wonton etc. Noodles cost 20-30k so ridiculously cheap as was everything else, BUT the noodles and the broth were excellent especially with the pork which is one of their signature dishes. I have been a chef for thirty years (I would not normally mention this as it can sound a bit naff) and I found the dish had a nice sweetness with a really nice hint of star anise ( I did add chilli to it because I like chilli hit) and basically just hit all the right notes. This place should be way busier as it is delicious but it is very basic looking so over looked. Staff (family I think) were really nice and efficient. Whole meal of chicken noodle, pork noodles, pork buns (which were also good), mineral water and two large bintang came to 160k crazy cheap...gave them 200k because nothing that good should cost less than twenty bucks! Families happy smile at the tip and the well deserved praise made it even better. Will be back before we move on.

08 Jun 2018



This is Le Mien not La Mien

I noticed some of the reviews here are supposedly for La Mien, the mainly Japanese noodles and Asian food restaurant on Jalan Gootama; instead for Le Mien, the Chinese style noodles place on Jalan Sugriwa. Hence the comments about 'too much MSG' and 'different from what people said' were probably for the other place too. My experience dining in Le Mien was a yummylicious one. The homemade Chinese style noodles was just I expected, with the right combination of savory and sweet and the good proportion of pork, veggies and noodles. I also love the pork buns and chicken shumai, despite the size being too small in my hungry opinion. All in sensible price. Looking forward to see more variation of dumplings.

14 Mar 2018

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Le Mien

Jl. Sugriwa no. 2 Sugriwa Street no. 02, Ubud Indonesia