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La View Restaurant
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La View Restaurant

4 / 5(1)
Buka Sekarang07.00 - 23.00 (Sen)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$$ • Di atas Rp500.000/orang
Asia, Eropa, Fusion, Barat, Babi, Salad, Steak, Babi Guling
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Terima Reservasi

Ulasan Tentang La View Restaurant

Marcel S


Don't book this

Where to start. We were asked to promptly be there at 9pm, upon our arrival, we were We were ask to be there promptly at 9pm and was escourted down to the "nest", to a table closed with a little tarp. The waiter who removed the tarp to reveal a few plates and glasses. We stood there awkwardly. The nest is falling apart,ceiling is also a green tarp, this is for the rain, I get it, but it is filled with water and a constant eyesore, goodbye nice photos. Do you like good service? You'll get it the waiter is there, outside the divider, the, entire, time, peeking through to see if you're still alive. Bugs. All of them. The meal:Amush-boush, could be a week old, could be more. Salmon platter,smoked salmon,4 capers and balsamic dressing is hadly a platter. Mushroom soup.This is actually a garlic soup with a hint of mushroom, it also comes with garlic bread. Lime Sorbet. Disguised as a palet cleanzer, you are treated to gelatin lime sorbet, whip cream a maraschino cherry and a chocolate square.My stomach at this point had no idea where in the meal it was. Mains.Oh the mains.Beef fillet,the meat was the winner, but ruined by a basic gravy all over, ALL OVER. The patatoes in Bali must have extra water,I've never seen mash this runny, it wanted to do a marathon. There was a small mielie had a parsley butter from 2016 on it.The fish fillet is from Thor's hammer.The rice had so much of the starch residue on it, it is as if the chef tried to glue your mouth shut so you couldn't complain about the 2 uncooked carrots. BYO salt. Dessert, the hero. They did the fancy sphere thing where the warm chocolate melts the pieces.Was delicious but way too sweet, chocolate dome, sauce, chocolate brownie with chocolate centre and the art on the plate, you guessed it, chocolate. What relief my scoops of ice cream bought was melted by the 90% humidity in Bali into a chocolate sauce. Take your money and you significant to literally any other place and you will have a better experience.

11 Feb 2019

Shaira J


It was okay. But value for money wasn’t great in Bird Nest late at night in particular.

My boyfriend booked us for bird nest ubud on our last night. I wasn’t able to appreciate the venue as it was 9pm (our fault we booked late and no more slots for 6pm) but the setup was okay not as romantic. The food was also okay. I just hated the fact that the staff would always come in after a few minutes and ask if we are good and okay w our food, which makes me feel rushed into eating. It was more expensive than any dinner I had in Ubud but I had a better experience at other ones. If you will book this, book at 6pm or book the one on the pool it looks better and more romantic. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as great. Maybe if we were there at a different time or a different setup it would have been better. We love the dessert though!! It was amazing. Plus they have free shuttle ride to Central Ubud. :)

27 Sep 2018



How can food be this poor?

My wife and I booked the Romantic dinner in the Birds Nest as the centre piece evening of our stay in Ubud for our honeymoon. Drawn in by the amazing photos of the views and the promise of a five course “gourmet” dinner we booked months in advance. After having a series of wonderful meals at our hotel restaurant (Cascades at the Viceroy) our expectations were high. The first warning sign was when we arrived to discover we were not the only couple expecting dinner in the Birds Nest. After a awkward wait in the reception my wife and I were taken to what might have been the “original” Birds Nest where as we hoped we had stunning views of the valley in our own private dinning space. That was where our luck run out. The sparkling wine we started with was sickeningly sweet. The bread and butter would not have been out of place in a motorway service station. The first “course” was a stuffed tomato with some brown lettuce that I might have made during my primary school years. A salmon platter was next, comprised of some slices of smoked salmon, sole capers and a slash of dressing. Harmless enough but hardly a restaurant standard course. The next course was a mushroom soup which was hot, there may have been some croutons, but otherwise unremarkable. We were treated to a scoop of lemon sorbet that apparently was a course in our set menu. Four courses in now and no sign that the kitchen staff had done little more than throw some ingredients onto a plate. We didn’t realise how lucky we had been until they brought the main course. My wife’s snapper fillet had all the presentation and texture of an alien autopsy. Overcooked fish, uncaramelised scallops and a mushroom risotto that appeared to be made with uncooked lumps of potato. My steak was swimming in peppercorn sauce and really brought to life by a splat of mashed potato and some overboiled broccoli. The evening was topped off with dessert where something was lost in translation. Neither fondant or fondue but some large pieces of white chocolate coated in hot chocolate sauce, with a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate brownie in the middle. The plain ice cream went down well. The chocolate was inedible. Throughout the waiting staff had not felt inclined to ask how we were enjoying our meal and why plates were coming back barely touched. As we left we fedback that the food was not we had hoped for the price we had paid. We were invited to leave behind a feedback form but never heard anymore from the restaurant. Overall stunning views and lovely to have a private dinning experience with my wife. Bluetooth speaker that we were able to link up to our iPhone was a nice touch. But the food and service fell below what we had come to expect during our honeymoon. We had lovely meals across the island, with Bridges and the Viceroy being particular highlights of our stay in Ubud. But the $80 per head set menu in the Birds Nest was a sour note to end our honeymoon.

18 Sep 2018

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