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Kopital ini sebelahan dengan togamas, disebrangnya kimia farma. tempatnya cukup nyaman dengan dekorasi kayu-kayu dan didominasi warna coklat. Kopi dan makanannya lumayan enak juga walau terbilang tempat baru.

06 Apr 2018

Lita Oktaviany S


A Heavenly Heaven

I said an immediate "Yes!" with excitement when one of my co-worker initiate to treat me a lunch and she brought me to this unfamiliar place call "Kopital". Located not too far from my office, Kopital served a cozy place especially for an introvert like me. The menu books consist of many variation of cheese and of course coffee knowing that name of this restaurant is "Kopital", "Kopi" is coffee in Bahasa. For cheese and coffee like me, this place is a heavenly heaven. I ordered a recommended food which is Dynamite Baked Cheese Smoked Beef and also a recommended beverage which is Coffee Frappe Hazel Grande. And the result is? AMAZING!!! For God's sake they are really taste wonderfully good! Dynamite Baked Cheese Smoked Beef served me variation of cheeses, combined with some sort of noodles or spaghetti and of course smoked beef on top with a magnificent touch of oregano. Coffee Frappe Hazel Grande is a freeze coffee served with two biscuits inside and the sweetness of it could wash away the heavy taste of cheese. I will definitely come back to Kopital to taste another menu. For your information, I visited this place at lunch time and there were just a few people, then when I asked the employees, they said that the place will full of people mostly at night. No wonder though, because this place was designed for those who were still on their youth or teenagers. I put my high recommended to this place. Really, this place is amazing!

27 Dec 2016

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