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4.7 / 5(6)
Tutup18.00 - 23.00 (Sab)

Detail Restoran - Keyaki

Kisaran Harga
$$$$ • Di atas Rp500.000/orang
Jepang, Sushi, Yakitori, Udon, Teppanyaki, Tempura
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • WiFi
  • Kursi Roda
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Valet
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

Ulasan Tentang Keyaki



The High Review of this place could be a carry over from when it was known as the Keyaki Japanese Restaurant

Been a while since I went to this restaurant.... Called the hotel and asked to be put through to Keyaki Japanese Restaurant. They put me through but NOT once did they mention that the restaurant had changed its name to The Japanese, and so has the Hotel to Sari Pacific, I assume it would be under local ownership as they are not able to use the name Keyaki anymore. I only came to realize it after the numerous disappointment of trying to eat their food items and complaining to my dining partner why has the standard of quality of Keyaki dropped so bad. For those who have dined there years before would know the difference. (Food items offered are still the same as before shown in the photos but the taste is very much different) To cut long review short: Terible!!!! 1. Beef Teriyaki, filled with tenderizer, breaks apart too easily, no texture. 2. chicken Teriyaki, very soggy, feels like eating more batter than chicken. 3. Teppanyaki, no difference if you were to eat at a chinese section of the food court ordering black pepper beef. Bland and peppery! they have small mini lobsters that the meat that won't come off the shell without tearing apart.... 4. Sausages....? in a Japanese Buffet? To be slightly fair there are some edible food items there, but do really want to pay Rp. 450.000/per pax (USD $30) for just these items? Moderately ok.....!!!! 1. Cawanmushi, great flavor and balance. 2. Tempura, not great but something that you can at least eat. 3. Sukiyaki just ok.... 4. Charcoal bbq wings, under-seasoned but hey there is soya sauce there.... 5. French Fries, rather soggy but ok... again French fries a Japanese buffet??? Good thing though at least I could get my fill from eating the fries. Finally if I am not mistaken there is a sashimi bar, but was too afraid to try given the quality of the other food.... In all, not ever going back there again, a real pity this was actually one of the best Japanese Buffet restaurant before it became The Japanese.... I think it is just a matter of time till the inevitable happens....

17 Sep 2018

Mia V



Located in an old but well preserved hotel. The restaurant like perhaps other features of this hotel has probably been around since the beginning and they have good reasons for that. Everything tried was really really good. Even the yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) is good. And they seemed to have a bit of everything from gyoza to kushiyaki, of course sashimi and sushi is a must, then teppanyaki, tenpura, sukiyaki, soba, grilled fish, lobster, from chawan mushi to oden. Pastry desserts are limited and tbh not exactly interesting there but the chocolate mousse is a must try! They serve gelato as well in interesting flavors like strawberry sorbet and ogura. I love the ambience as well and the waiters are all very attentive and friendly. They won’t let empty glasses stayed empty and used utensils are taken away quickly (I think they are even better than some new 5* hotels nearby - maybe it’s the old hospitality standard which is way above the current ones). I love the place and though this is my first time, I can see myself coming here again and again and this has become a favorite.

18 Aug 2018

ryan l


The Japanese

The food is excelent, it has the best texture of Japanese food in jakarta. the fish is the highest recomendation for this place; thank you Alycia, for the excelent service you have given to us (y)

09 Aug 2018

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