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Kebune Bali Agrotourism

Kebune Bali Agrotourism

Tutup10.00 - 19.00 (Rab)

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Casual Dining

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Amazing place in the middle of the rice terraces

Amazing place to have a taste of good coffees and teas. In addition, you get to know about them and how they make Luwak coffee. This place is in middle of the rice terraces which is really nice. Staff was really nice and friendly!! There was little shop where you can buy their products. So we recommend you to go there! :)

13 Feb 2018



Kopi Luwak on way to Uluwatu termple

This place is en route to Uluwatu temple a few minutes away (to the right of the road as you go toward the temple). People are quite helpful and pleasant (but then most people in Bali are that way, at least at most sites and hotels etc). The free tea-tasting is nice- about a dozen small cups of assorted teas and coffees (mostly teas- mangosteen peel, rosella, ginger, lemon, bali coffee, vanilla, coconut etc ) are refreshing especially after a hard days sightseeing, They take you around to show you the place- different plants, fruits, the civets ( at least here the civets are kept in slightly larger cages). The kopi Luwak actually is Arabica coffee nuts(if i remember the guide right) which is ingested by the civets ( they eat only the lighter coffee and not the stronger Bali type) along with fruits etc and passed through their digestive tract, which is then cleaned and processed. I think its an acquired taste as I have had it elsewhere ( Bali prices are probably the cheapest in the world for this coffee) Small pieces of chocolate are kept along with the free teas. After tasting they take you to their shop where you can buy if you wish or not - you really dont have to buy anything at all. I must say the prices here we felt were slightly higher than some other places we visited but just a bit more. If you are short on time and love organic chocolate or cocoa or exotic teas, then go ahead and buy. The mixtures are mixed with sugar though you get without as well for few rupiahs more. I personally liked the mangosteen peel tea.Coconut tea is also great. But the free teas all are premixed with sugar- good for the brain,bad for diabetics. They also have skin care products and other beauty products for sale. The coffee and tea of course is not grown on site and comes from the hils outside Bali. Tip - Keep the Kopi Luwak tour at the end preferably late afternoon or evening- the teas taste much more refreshing then ;-))

05 Jun 2017

Milan S


Wonderful experience

Kebune Bali is located only a few hundred meters from Tegenungan waterfall, towards Ubud. It's not on Bing Maps, but you can't miss it, there's a sign on the road! I absolutely recommend going and seeing this place. Someone will welcome you, and walk you through the farm, explain their process of production, show you Bali and Arabic coffee plants (including famous Luwak), cocoa plants, teas etc. At the end, they will serve all their delicious products and provide you with more details as you drink each of them. You will learn what their products are healthy for, with all your questions answered in solid English. If you want (without any pressure/marketing), you can buy any of their products in the store (they don't sell outside of their store!) Anyhow, excellent and funny experience. And yummy products! :)

03 Apr 2017

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Kebune Bali Agrotourism

Jl. Ir. Sutami, Bali, Indonesia