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Kakiang Garden Cafe
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Kakiang Garden Cafe

5 / 5(1)
Tutup7.00 - 23.00 (Rab)

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, Eropa, Barat
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Nice place for qualitytime

one of the unique and comfortable cafes in Ubud. spacious parking, good quality food and many choices. very friendly service from the staff. suitable for gathering together with family, friends, or your special one.

16 Oct 2018



A Hit Then A Miss.

My partner and I have been here quite a bit since the café opened as it has (usually) a really pleasant atmosphere and relaxed vibe about it. Although the road at the front is extremely busy you can find a pleasant space inside to escape the noise. We really like the decor here especially as the night comes in and the lighting creates a really nice ambience. The selections of coffee and cake are fantastic which can actually outweigh your choices for a lunch or dinner. Similar to other reviews I sometimes have difficulty deciding what to eat, not because there's too much to choose from, but because the menu is a bit underwhelming. I have yet to see a main meal here on the menu that just leaps off the page and makes me want to have it. It's not to say that it's a boring menu, I'm sure it certainly appeals to many of the regulars, there's just nothing that really makes me go "wow". Has that stopped us from returning? No, not at all. We always order the spring rolls, we have never had a bad serve of these and they are presented quite nicely. I've tried the spicy chicken pasta in the past and that was not great, ok it was less than average, so I tend to avoid trying it again. The other week I opted for trying the BBQ chicken pizza which I personally enjoyed, other reviewers didn't like all the mayo but it reminded me of being a kid and eating fresh, hot chicken rolls from our local deli! So I found it really enjoyable. My partner had the carbonara which she enjoyed too. I also tried the Java style drink which was a sugar buzz of heaven with cream and choc chips on top. Our next visit we took along an Expat friend who had never been, after we had been talking about how great our visit was the other week. Excellent food, delicious drinks, fantastic coffee and amazing dessert options. On top of that the music had been a very pleasant acoustic mix and we had even asked what the CD was called (only to find out that the staff didn't know as it was from YouTube!). So our friend was keen to come along for a great night of relaxing, dining and chatting. Well, I'm guessing the boss had the night off. The service was fairly lacklustre and we actually felt bad for the girl that we guessed is the trainee as she was getting more advice from us about service than her colleagues. We had ordered spring rolls for entree and a variety of mains that were mostly from the Indonesian food menu including the "special" duck. We had ordered two of the java drinks as I had raved about how great they were. What we were served looked nothing (and I mean NOTHING) like my previous order. It looked like an icy milo.....no swirl of cream, no choc chips. The table near us had ordered the same (they came in after us and got their food and drinks first) and there's looked exactly as it should. My partner asked for our drinks to be remade after she had been told that the cream had melted and the choc chips were just on the bottom. We're talking about an ice chilled drink here, not a hot coffee. I had actually poked around with the straw and found nothing in the bottom. Our guess was that these had been a previous order that had been cancelled and were served up to us later. The fact that they made excuses instead of simply apologising and making fresh drinks showed a lack of customer service. We eventually got new drinks. My partner had the special duck, apparently it was in there amongst the skin and bones somewhere. Our friend ordered chicken ijo which was not meant to be spicy and it was. I ordered the chicken that was meant to be spicy and I asked for it to be very spicy and it was mild. My friends main meal arrived around 10 minutes before any other food came, including the spring rolls that were ordered as entrees. To be honest, his meal looked reheated and I told him to send it back but he chose to eat it. My meal was still tasty but I was very disappointed that it didn't have a kick when it was meant to be a spicy meal. I am a westerner but have a terrible dislike for westernised local food. I understand that a lot of westerners can't handle chilli, but when I ask for spicy and my indonesian partner confirms with the staff that I eat local style spicy food.....well, I don't expect the vegetables to be the most spicy thing on the plate and spicier than the sambal. As for the ambience? The pleasant acoustic music had been replaced with stuff that you get in the R&B clubs in Kuta. I listen to all types of music so I'm not just some old guy having a whinge, it did not suit the environment. We have also experienced the lack of service that others talk about. Sitting in the room with the comfortable bench style seats we had to chase staff to place an order. The other side of things is that if the staff forget you're there they don't realise that you may be watching them clearing up when other guests leave.....and seeing their reactions to those guests as they depart, commenting and laughing etc is just rude. Will we return to this place? Yes, sure. However if we find the same problems again that management has promised in other reviews to fix (and it seems it's half worked) then we're likely to give up and find somewhere else to enjoy. Please Kakiang management, this has been a long review and I'd prefer to simply be praising you guys! You have a wonderful establishment, a nice vibe and people who make an effort to visit and bring new, potential customers shouldn't be leaving feeling embarrassed that they brought their friends.

21 Sep 2018

AndyP P


Great local restaurant, used by locals

This was up the road from our Airbnb. Very reasonable prices, good varied menu, huge selection of desserts. Nice clean place, clean toilets, and good ambience inside and out the back. Most nice restaurants we’ve found are just used by tourists, this is an exception. It was half full on a thurs eve and more with locals than tourists

31 Aug 2018

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