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Hungry Station
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Hungry Station

3.3 / 5(3)
Tutup9.00 - 12.00 (Sab)

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Casual Dining

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Yazi S


uenaaakk tenan bebek renyah crispy nya

harus di coba bebeknya menu yg lain jg cukup enak,,harus di coba,,,tempatnya sendiri enak dan bagus buat foto2 dgn teman2

14 May 2018



Disappointing visit this time

I think this was my third time to visit this restaurant but this time we were somewhat disappointed. We were the first guests to eat here today and I do not know if they were trying to get rid of yesterdays leftovers before using fresh ingredients, but it did seem like it as the food was not anywhere as good as last time. We ordered a Banana Split for the kids and it was fine. We also ordered a Pink Candy drink and a Ice Lychee Tea and these were also fine. So the first meal came. This was the Nasi Ayam Kemangi. However, despite the sauce still being amazing, the waitress had told us that the chicken would be chicken breast. Yet even though there was seemingly a lot of chicken material in the sauce, it was nearly all bone. So we wondered what had happened to the meat. We basically ate the sauce only with the teamed rice. So very disappointing to find all bones and nearly no meat in a chicken dish. The second dish we chose was the Rice with Black Pepper Chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken which was battered was extremely hard, dry and chewy and even with bits of gristle in on. Since we were the first guests today, I really wonder whether the chef was using yesterdays leftovers. Also the black pepper sauce was dreadful. Anyway, we didn't bother to eat the chicken and my wife shared my kemangi sauce to eat with her steamed rice. The bill was Rp191k and really not worth it since the food was very poor this time. It is also advisable not to be the first at this restaurant in order to make sure that you don't get served yesterday's food.

18 Mar 2018



Delicious Indonesian Food

The restaurant has a large parking space in front but actually did not look very interesting, so my wife nipped in quickly to take a look at the menu and came back telling me to park the car. So the place is very large inside with rooms here and there giving a lot of privacy, and mostly the furniture is nice with lots of sofas and a lot of teak chairs and tables and very interesting decor. There is a garden area in the back making this place very cosy. We order the Nasi Ayam Kemangi which is kind of a green curry with basil, the Kweitiau Ayam Goreng and the Nasi Ayam Serai Berwangi. For drinks we ordered an Iced Lemon Tea and a Pink Candy (type of strawberry drink). The waitress was very polite and helpful and we did not have to wait long for the food to arrive. So I have got to say, the Nasi Ayam Kemangi was absolutely brilliant and so tasty. We had asked that chicken breast be used and not thigh, and that is what we got. The Nasi Ayam Berwangi was also nice as was the Pink Candy which is a kind of strawberry and cream type drink with bits of real strawberry. My daughter will love it when we come here again. The total bill for three dishes and two drinks and an extra plate of steamed white rice came to Rp174,800. According to the staff, the restaurant is pretty busy on weekends and at lunchtimes and evenings during the week.

12 Jan 2018

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Hungry Station

Jl. Halimun No. 2, Bandung 40262 Indonesia