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Hot Dog Watersport Bali

Hot Dog Watersport Bali

Tanjung Benoa
Tutup8.00 - 18.00 (Sab)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
BBQ, Kaki Lima, Burger
Tipe Restoran
Kaki Lima

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  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway

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I was here for 5 days, and was excited to try the watersports. The pictures of seawalker and flying fish looks inviting. If you have a private taxi to bring you around, chances are he will bring you to a place where he will receive the most kickbacks. Prior to getting a quote from Hotdogs, i had done some research on the average prices of each activities and was well prepared for a good bargain showdown. Upon reaching the beach, the hotdog-gers sat me down and began showing broschures and prices and we were supposed to choose a few activities. So we chose a 15mins jetski, 2x 5mins flights on the flying fish and a 25mins seawalker. We were quoted 3.3million rupiah for the activities, with pictures, videos and 'insurance' throw in. I wasnt surprised at the price and so i told the guy that i am going to have a walk and do some comparison since there are so many joints along the beach. Immediately after walking to the next joint, we got quoted 2million for the same activities. My taxi driver who followed me immediately told me that the hotdog staffs are open to a bargain and brought me back. But this time, i pulled out the big guns. The night before, I had found an online broschure for watersports that said 350k for 25 mins seawalker,150k for jetski and 150k for flying fish. I showed it to the staff and told her to match it otherwise im off again. She made some excuse about the low rates being a promotional period but was quickly shot down by me as i can read bahasa. In the end, i paid a total of 1.2million for 25mins seawalker, 2 flights on the flying fish and 15minutes on the jetski. Overall experience? Only the jetski was worth it. Seawalk only lasted for 10mins and the limited number of corals are artificially planted on steel structures. Flying fish flew twice for 10 secs each and that was it. Probably should have done parasailing instead.

07 Jul 2018



HotDog Watersport SUCKs.

It was the worst fishing experience we ever tried. The dirty boat and smoking in our faces by the crew to start with was not as bad as everything else. We spent 40 min to get to the boat, then about 1 hour by boat to the island. For eight of us they had 4 fishing rods. Not as bad as you may think, and the. We realized they only had small bag of fish bats that last us for 15 min. Half of us did not even hold the damn fishing rod. Then after we had run out of bate the crew said we need to go to.. they could not even speak 5 words in English. If you see this logo or the name of the company don't waste your money and more important your Valuable TIME. Complaints are not entertained . This is a rip off !!! Won’t recommend

13 Apr 2018



Bloody Amazing!!! 🤣♥️

We had an awesome time Banana Boat Parasailing Tube ride Fly fish They were all great, especially the fly fish!! My daughter LOVED IT!! we were so impressed by the guy controlling the fly fish (see pic) we got a photo with him lol. Don't know his name, if someone does please advise as we would love to thank him and see him again next trip. 😁 Cost $$$ but negotiated and got a great price for all 4 activities for 3 people. Staff are awesome!! Will go again!

29 Mar 2018

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Hot Dog Watersport Bali

Jl. Pratama No.62 E, Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Indonesia