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Hawker Chan

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Very Disappointing

I love Hawker Chan Singapore and was very excited knowing they opened a branch here. But what I found was very very disappointing. In all fairness, the service was obviously much better than the one in Singapore. We didn't have to cue for 30 mins to get our food and the staffs were definitely much friendlier than the yelling aunties. But too bad we went there for the taste! It was a considerably far cry from the original Hawker Chan's food quality (photos attached). So I am so sorry to suggest that this branch shouldn't carry the name of Hawker Chan and let alone mention it is a Michelin-starred restaurant because, worst of all, I was even still compelled to write this even though the price was considerably cheap. Simply because I love Hawker Chan's and just can't accept the fact it could get downgraded like this.

17 Sep 2017



Hawker ith Michelin's star

I think the noodle is a bit soft. The sauce on the noodle is a little sweet taste. But combination with the sambal on the side is just right. The chicken is tender and the skin slightly crispy. If you like sweet meat, you will love their cha siu and pork ribs. The meat is juicy. The roast pork has good proportion of fatty and lean meat. The wonton soup is very bland the chef probably forgot to put salt. There is soy sauce on the table for you to add. The wonton itself is meaty and taste pretty good. We also order the winter melon tea which they brew themselves. It is on the sweet side, would have been better if they reduce the sweetness a little bit. Overall a satisfying meal. Would come again.

03 Sep 2017



Good food and price

We really like the crispy pork, even though their specialty is the soya sauce chicken. The chicken and char siew pork is not bad either actually. And order the vegetable, simple but good, with fried garlic on top. Wonton soup is so-so. Price is mid range.

18 Aug 2017

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Hawker Chan

Jl. Marina Indah Raya Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No 8-10 Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Indonesia