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Not coming again next time for Mexican food

This is the 5th time i come here. I used to love the food so much (on my previous review). But not on this visit after they change the menu. Loss the good Mexican meals selections, tasteful salad, delicious plater and over pricing. Not worth of my meal.

07 Aug 2015



VERY Disappointing!! Desperado's in the Shangri-la is FAR better!!!

I have been to Hacienda's in Jakarta many times and always had great service and great food. Unfortunately, this trip to Hacienda's Surabaya turned out to be one of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had - both in the USA and abroad. It all started when I called the restaurant Friday night to get a reservation for Saturday night, June 27. I was told that since it was Ramadan, we would need to be seated in a private room, so we could enjoy adult beverages with our meal. During Ramadan, many restaurants limit where and if you can drink alcohol on the premises, out of respect for the Muslim culture. This is totally understandable and no issue for myself or my colleagues. Upon our arrival Saturday night, we told the host we were there to eat at Hacienda's and had a reservation for 7:00pm. The host informed us that Hacienda's was "closed for renovations". Obviously, this was quite a surprise, as there was NO mention of this when I called the previous day to make the reservation. Already, we felt let down, like we were victims of a bait and switch. We informed them that we had a reservation for a private room, and after a bit of confusion, they finally found it, then escorted us to a private room inside the Chicago Steak House. We discovered that 1914 Surabaya is one building with multiple restaurants in it. The host seated us and asked if we wanted Hacienda menus or Chicago menus. Huh??? We had a reservation for Hacienda's….remember? Hacienda menus, please!! The host and the waitress appeared very confused. One of my colleagues is fluent in Bahasa, so he attempted to clarify our desire for Mexican food. The waitress seemed to understand, and she ran off quickly, returning with Hacienda menus. As we began to look through them, she began to inform us that "some" of the menu items were not available. Well, it turns out that MOST of the menu items were not available - including a couple of (easy to make) favorites - Chili Con Queso and the table side Guacamole. Also, the drink menu was limited to ONLY the house classic margarita. That's right…just ONE margarita. The drink menu limitation was truly confusing, as there was another bar that is part of 1914, called Consulat. Apparently, they can't make the other margaritas or drinks off the Hacienda menu - all of which are just basic variations on the margarita, with varying levels of tequila quality. Very strange!! After learning all of this, we asked for the Chicago menu and a Consualt drink menu, so we could better understand our food and drink options available for the meal. We decided to start out simple, with the beef nachos off the Hacienda menu (the only appetizer available) and sangria, off the Consulat drink menu. After about 10 minutes, the waitress came back and told us they were out of Sangria! Hmmm…the Consulat bar was not under renovation - but was out of a simple drink made form red wine, brandy, and fruit?? OK…we switched to the Classic Margaritas off the Hacienda menu. Another 10-15 minutes and our nachos arrive….cold. Still no drinks. Another 5-10 minutes, our drinks arrive, in standard short, round glasses you would get when ordering a whisky on the rocks. They don't have margarita glasses? We picked at the cold nachos as we perused the two menus and discussed the idea of maybe leaving to find another place for dinner. We finished our first round of drinks, and then, after waiting 10 minutes or more, had to summon a waitress to get another round. Since we were essentially being ignored in the private room, we asked for a pitcher of margaritas. 10-15 minutes later, we were still waiting for the pitcher, so we summoned the waitress again. We inquired about our pitcher and were told no pitchers were available, only single glasses. Huh?? Why not tell us that when we ordered the pitcher?? Lots of confusion by the staff, even though we were ordering in Bahasa. At this point, we were all so hungry that we decided to stay and ride it out. We ordered another round of drinks, along with 3 different kinds of quesadillas - steak, chicken, and shrimp. 10 minutes later, our drinks arrived, the the steak quesadillas. It took another 10 minutes or so to get the chicken and shrimp quesadillas - along with an order of chicken enchiladas that we didn't order. One of my colleagues grabbed a piece of the shrimp quesadilla, took a bite, and immediately stopped eating. Turns out, the shrimp was not fresh and smelled terrible. We summoned a waitress, noted the issue, and swapped it for another chicken quesadilla. We also told them we didn't order the chicken quesadilla. The waitress took it, then returned with it a few minutes later, and left it on the table. At this point, we were all pretty frustrated with the poor service, poor food, and continued confusion over what menu items were available. I asked to speak with the General Manager. She is on vacation. I asked for the Assistant Manager. She is also on holiday. I asked for the person supposedly in charge. It was the host who greeted us at arrival. He was brought to the table along with the head chef. I explained how the entire meal had been a very frustrating experience up to this point, from being told Hacienda's was under renovation, to the poor service, the bad shrimp, cold nachos, and chicken enchiladas that we didn't order. He said he was sorry to hear it - and nothing else. No offer to make sure the service improved, no assurance the chicken enchiladas would be removed from our bill, nothing. Obviously, this guy was clueless about customer service, so I asked for the business card of the general manager. He told me she was on holiday. I said I knew that, and I just want her business card. He left to get it. The head chef stayed and spoke to us, asking if there was anything he could do. We explained that we needed more attentive service and hot food would be nice. He stated he would do his best and if we wanted dessert on the house, to let him know. The acting manager returned with the business card….for the Assistant Manager - not the General Manager. Surprise! We finally decided to order some food off the Chicago menu. I forget the item my colleague first tried to order, but he was informed they were out of it, so he switched to a steak burger. Another colleague also ordered the steak burger, I got the chicken "burger", and another colleague ordered the tenderloin steak. We also ordered another round of drinks. The drinks took another 10 minutes to arrive, and then the 2 steak burgers arrived. My colleague pulled the top bun off to reveal two small tomato slices, 2 thin cucumber slices, a piece of lettuce, and 3 small pieces of very thin steak. No fries, just a few small pieces of lettuce with some kind of dressing as a side. All that for around 100,000 Rp. My chicken burger arrived a few minutes later. It was supposed to have BBQ sauce on it. There was nothing but a white sauce that appeared to be thin mayo. The piece of chicken was only about 60% of the size of the bun and was overcooked. It also had the same tomato, lettuce, and cucumber as the burgers. Also, no side items other than the few small pieces of lettuce with dressing. This was around 95,000 Rp. After another 10 minutes, the tenderloin steak arrived. It was small, but appeared to be cooked correctly (medium rare). We watched several other parties arrive during our meal. Some were large groups, others were couples out on a Saturday night date. Many asked for Hacienda's menu. It was obvious, even from afar, that they were disappointed and confused to learn the menu was limited due to the renovation. It appears we were not the only ones who made reservations for Hacienda's and were not told of the closure/renovations. This is a deceptive practice, at best. At this point, we were done, literally and figuratively. We decided to pass on the fee dessert and asked for the check. All told, it was around US $300.00. Quite a price to pay for cold food, spoiled food, food we didn't order, super small burgers, and a few rounds of house (cheap) tequila margaritas. The bottom line here: Hacienda's in Jakarta is a great experience. Hacienda's in Surabaya - BAD CHOICE!!! After this experience, all four of us agreed that if you want decent mexican food at reasonable prices served by an attentive wait staff in Surabaya, head to Desperado's, located inside the Shangri-La hotel. We'll probably head there tonight to satisfy our craving for Mexican dishes, served hot, with great service!!!

28 Jun 2015



Rip off

Super expensive for my pocket. Spent almost usd300 for 4 people having dinner with average cocktails. Liked the fried jalapeño, other than that were terrible. Simply put, lower price would probably keep happier customers.

20 Oct 2014

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