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Gung Cung Babi Guling
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Gung Cung Babi Guling

3 / 5(1)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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What a gem!

I am mostly echoing everyone else's words here. This place truly was a local gem. It's a humble place, with a resident dog, and a great value for money. When we arrived, there was already a small queue of locals getting takeaway lunches. All 8 of us were escorted to the beautiful rooftop tables overlooking the temple and garden, just as thunders were rolling in. By the time lunch was served a tropical thunderstorm had arrived. The awnings were lowered on one side and it was bucketing down. The ambiance was just perfect. The smell of rain on hot soil and roads brought back memories of childhood in Jakarta. It was the perfect place to wait out the worst of the storm. Some of us ordered seconds to go with the beers and iced tea. Just a beautiful experience, which undoubtedly be a treasured memory.

20 Feb 2019



eat like a local

just a shy walk from the famous ibu oka’s suckling pig, yet cheaper, tastier and full of the locals instead of tourists.

07 Feb 2019



No Frills, Locals Hangout, Delicious Babi Guling

What's better than good, crispy, succulent, flavoursome Babi Guling, prepared and cooked by people who know exactly what they're doing ? If you like Ibu Oka, then you'll simply love this place. A no frills, no holds barred establishment that caters primarily to locals who line up for their takeaways. It's on the same street as Ibu Oka (Jalan Suweta) about two hundred and fifty metres further north, on your left hand side, just as the road begins to rise. Fantastic, humble, unpretentious and most importantly, oh so tasty. Because it caters first and foremost to the local populace, there are (thankfully) no discernible concessions to Western taste buds. The food is, as good Indonesian food should be, naturally spicy.There is very limited seating upstairs which affords a view of a family's temple compound. About as authentic as suckilng pig gets. Anthony Bourdain and Rick Stein should definitely have put this one on their list. This basic, unadorned little enterprise is certainly worth seeking out. Feeling a bit adventurous ? Craving the real deal food wise ? Yearning for that culinary revelation ? Then look no further, do not pass 'GO' and head straight to Gung Cung. You will not be sorry.

25 Jan 2019

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Gung Cung Babi Guling

Jalan Suweta No. 23, Ubud Indonesia