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Golden Palace Suki & Oriental

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Casual Dining

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Saya suka sukinya di restoran ini, pilihan sukinya lumayan variatif, walaupun banyak juga menu lainya.

30 Dec 2016



Suki, burung dara and lumpia durian

Not many know, but Golden Palace is actually a sister restaurant of one of the well-established suki place, I-ta Suki. At Blue Sky Hotel, Petamburan, they serve food from all over the world, but Chinese cuisine is showcased as their main priority and expertise. Decor and Ambience: The restaurant is located at the very front, right when diners drive through the entrance of the hotel. The decor at Golden Palace is very simple and clean. It is surrounded with clear transparent glass, which enables hotel guests or passersby to spot the establishment easily. One of the very unique ornaments here is the rooster porcelain on top, which is known as the owner's favourite animal. A designated smoking area is also available here. Service: The friendly staff will greet customers as they walk in to the restaurant. Staff will also help and assist diners with cooking of the suki. Food: Suki is one of Golden Palace's main signature dishes. It comes with two different classic broths: chicken and torn yum. For the toppings, creative options such as seafood sandwich, smiling lobster, and dumble fish are one of the favourites here, especially for kids. Other than the suki menu, currently, Golden Palace takes pride in serving its own sup burung dara. For this soup, various Chinese herbs are used, each soup taking around 2-3 hours to cook, and it is steamed forthe rest of the day to keep it warm. It is served inside a bamboo container. It is sweet yet tangy, and the meat is soft and tender. One of the favourite menu items, which is also their best seller, is ayam singkawang. It is fried chicken served in small bites. It is very flavoursome, sweet and has special spices, that make it hard to resist for diners. Sapi cabe kering is the other signature dish. The beef is cut into a very thin slices, dry, but still very tender. It is cooked with a special homemade kungpao sauce made by the chef, which can be modified from sweet to very spicy by simply informing the staff before placing your order. This dish is best eaten with mantau, which comes with it. The mantau is very special indeed, it is crispy yet light on the outside and the inside is quite dense yet very soft and not oily. For dessert, lumpia durian is recommended. Diners who are avid fans of this exotic fruit should try it during their visit here. No durian extract is used for the filling; the meat is blended along with milk, then wrapped inside rice paper and deep-fried. For diners who wish to celebrate their birthday here, Golden Palace has a classic birthday menu with items such as bakpao ulang tahun and mie ulang tahun.

20 Nov 2016

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Golden Palace Suki & Oriental

Jln. Slipi B Blue Sky Hotel, Jakarta 11480 Indonesia