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GaRaSi Resto & Grill

GaRaSi Resto & Grill

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Tutup09.00 - 23.30 (Sen)

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$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Asia, Eropa, Seafood, Nasi Goreng, Bebek, Babi, Sup, Fish and Chips, Ikan, Mie Goreng, Ayam Goreng
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  • Smoking
  • WiFi
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

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Bea G


40 min wait in an empty restaurant.

Came in by myself this evening as I heard this restaurant had a nice ambiance, but it was empty when I came in apart from a large group of about 6 sat outside. I requested to sit outside and got menus and waited to order, as I ordered I asked my waitress what the difference was between the grilled chicken breast and the grilled chicken steak, her response was that the grilled chicken steak was not breast or leg.... (???) and that the grilled chicken steak did not come with barbecue. I ordered the grilled chicken breast and told her that I do not like barbecue and can I have mushroom sauce instead. She takes my order and leaves and a new couple sits down; they order and receive their starters about 5-10 mins after I sit down: "wow" I think, fast service... but not for me. The couple finish their staters and receive their mains about another 20 mins after... still no sign of my food. After 45 mins I finally receive my food, the chicken was cooked in BBQ sauce and the mushroom sauce was SO SMALL in a tiny white bowl I couldn't believe it, there was litterally nothing in the bowl. I dont like to eat dry food so this was hard for me. No body checked on me to see how my food was or to ask me if i wanted any more drinks so I could not even ask for more sauce. Still after 10 mins of finishing my food they didn't clear my plate or ask me for anything else even though there was 3 waitresses outside sitting down or leaning on empty tables. I asked for the bill and again no one asked me if everything was okay. Terrible service.

28 Jan 2019



Wish We Didn’t Even Spend One Rupiah Here

My boyfriend and I decided to come in for dinner because it looked very promising from the outside, but boy were we WRONG. When we came into the restaurant, there were two guys sitting at the bar talking to the owner and two other occupied tables (which were couples). The waitress asked where would we like to sit and I told her I want the last table at the corner (in the NON-SMOKING SECTION). She told me I couldn’t sit there because it was for bigger parties. I looked right at the only two occupied tables which were COUPLES with the SAME SIZE TABLES, and was wondering why would she say that if we can clearly see the other two tables being occupied.... We then sat at a two seat table with no where to put our rain jackets in the front of the restaurant by the bar. I was already a little irritated that we couldn’t sit at that corner table, but I got passed it. Then a party of 3 walked in and the owner offered them the very first table and warned them it was a SMOKING AREA TABLE and the guy started smoking a cigarette. WTF ?!?! No one told us it was a smoking area especially since we didn’t have a choice. Mind you, I have a breathing problem. Shouldn’t the workers be required to tell us that it was a smoking area too? Especially since it was trying to present itself as a nice restaurant.. As the waitress was handing us the bill, she asked us how was the dinner. I told her it was ok, but would appreciate it if we were notified we were in a smoking area. She then told us “You are in a smoking area.” I told her “NOW I know that when I saw a guy smoking right next to me.” She then said “oh sorry...” And proceeded to count our cash right at our table as we were sitting down. Conclusion: Don’t take your kids here. Don’t come here if you dislike the smell of smoke while you are trying to have a nice dinner. Don’t judge the restaurant by the way it look on the outside. I highly recommend NOT to come here. And I do not want the same copy and paste response from the owner/manager that they give everyone.

22 Jan 2019



Nice resto

I visited just for a quick dinner. Very nice atmosphere and there is outdoor seats also. The menu a bit confusing amd complete from local to steak and grill and pasta. I choose chicken parmigiana. It is delicious.. they also serve alcohol, coctail, wine and spirits..

14 Jan 2019

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GaRaSi Resto & Grill

Jl. Uluwatu No. 82, Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia