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Frank's Bar & Smoke House

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Tutup11.00 - 2.00 (Jum)

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Hafitri Wahyu A


Can't stand the loud live music

I have to say that I love their smoked meats. But, can't they see that live music is obsolete?! We just want to eat and drink our beer peacefully without the loud music... Come before 9pm to have a nice dinner and move on to other bars around if you want to drink more beer. We can't talk at all....

22 Feb 2018

Bernard G



As a native Texan, it is my sworn duty to seek out and enjoy great bar-b-que, which is rather difficult in Jakarta, much less Asia, as one might imagine. When I heard about Frank's Smoke House, it became my quest to get there and check out the offerings, and I was not disappointed. I brought my wife and mother-in-law, who are Indonesian nationals. My wife has been to Texas and experienced proper bar-b-que, but my mother-in-law was a complete stranger to the delicacy. Thus, our party included a genetic expert, a novice and a neophyte. We ordered the nachos, Buffalo Turds, and the Mixed Sampler that included 300g of brisket, sausage and ribs. We added sides of German potato salad and coleslaw, a classic margarita (me) and a pina colada (wife) to the feast. Mom had hot tea. I have to tell you that the Buffalo Turds were exceptional! There are several places in town where I can get "poppers," deep-fried, cheese filled jalapenos, but so far this is the only bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno I've found outside my own kitchen. They were exceptional! Mildly spicy with cream cheese filling, wrapped with pork bacon and cooked. The peppers were large and the whole assembly was delicious. My wife really liked them and Mom's only complaint was that they were a bit salty - likely from the cheese or bacon or both. The nachos were quite good, with beef and beans, sour cream and a dash of guacamole. The only complaint here was that there weren't enough chips for all the goodies. My wife, who has adopted nachos as here favorite ethnic food, loved them, and Mom didn't complain a bit. The Mixed Sampler came on a large wooden cutting board and included a couple of slices of French bread and butter. The bread I thought was curious and suggested to the GM that they change to jalapeno cheese bread to maintain authenticity. First, the sausage, which was spectacular. The GM says it is locally sourced, but it was as good as any I could get at home, with a bit of caraway seed for flavor. A rare treat and smoked to perfection. The brisket, another rare treat, was quite good with a nice hickory flavor. I thought it was a bit overdone, since I like my meat to still be kicking when I eat it, but wife and Mom loved it and ate most of it, along with the sausage. The ribs were large and generously meaty. My only complaint here is that they were a bit dry despite having generous amounts of fat attacked. Regardless, they were tender and well smoked with a nice hint of charcoal flavor to top it off. The one major disappointment was the bar-b-que sauce, which was bland to the point of being almost tasteless. Given that this is a key feature of bar-b-que, they really should work on this. The potato salad was creamy with just enough vinegar to give them a little bite. The coleslaw was good, though could use a little work on the dressing. It was missing the familiar sourness that is the signature of quality slaw. The ambiance is very reminiscent of a Central Texas hunting lodge. The interior is all wood with a (sadly) unused fireplace surmounted by a deer head. There is a lingering smell of hickory smoke, which adds to the experience. If I squint my eyes, I could almost imagine being home for an hour. There are even a grouping of "True Texan" photos near the entrance to prove that us homeboys actually stop by. There is a stage for live music, though I didn't inquire as to who or when that happens, as well as a large screen TV behind the bar for the sport-minded folks. The cocktails were exceedingly average, though no better or worse than anything available in Jakarta. A little creativity in this area would certainly enhance the experience, though they didn't detract in any way. The final verdict from wife and Mom was that it was very good and they both enjoyed it, both for the food and for the ethnic experience. For myself, I was quite impressed with the flavor, quality and portions. A couple of minor complaints, but overall the experience was pleasant and a welcome respite from rice and chicken. It's great to find a little piece of home so far from it. All in, the bill was IDR450,000, and the three of us left stuffed to the gills and satisfied. We will most certainly be back to explore more of the menu and enjoy the true Texas atmosphere. By the way, below I selected "American restaurant," but only because there wasn't a selection for "Texan".

17 Feb 2018




WELL I REGTER TO SHARE THIS DISAPOINTMENT BUT I WAS PLANING TO VISIT FRANS SMOKE HOUSE FOR SOME TIME NOW CAUSE HEARD THE MEAT IS GREAT AND ALL DISHES ARE DELICIOUS BUT !!!!! ..... UNFORTUNATELY IT IS TOTALLY OPPOSITE :( .... now details : 1) my smokehouse burger was just OK but when u getting child size burger in junior size bun for price of decent size burger in other places in Jakarta u may get a bit disappointed don't u? 2) the second dish we ordered was a some kind of steak but what a surprise THE MEAT WAS TOTALY COLD !!!!!! not mention MEAT SEASONING WAS B ELOW AVERAGE ( tatse als plain piece of beef for me) 3) we wid ask staff if house ice lemon tea is made in restaurant or just instant one and they reply it is made in restaurant BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT WAS JUST TYPICAL BUY IN STORE INSTANT LEMON TEA !!! after all this disappointments we was canceling deserts and rush to EP to get decen new year Treat and party ... SHAME SHAME SHAME !!!

03 Jan 2018

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