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FJ Rotisserie


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Casual Dining

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Roti moka dan sop buntut enak

Staf yang ramah, suka banget sama roti moka dan donut kejunya sangat berasa, tekstur lembut. Menu lainnya juga lezat, sop buntutnya enak juga, buntutnya empuk dan banyak dagingnya.

16 Mar 2018



Unexpectedly delicious chowder!

I had walked past this cafe a few times and, while it was never particularly inviting, I thought I'd give it a try. The place was devoid of other customers (never a good indicator) and the wait staff were not overly friendly. Still, I persisted and ordered a couple of dishes. The clam chowder (with real shellfish, including the shells) was decidedly delicious.... a real unexpected treat! In contrast, the lasagne was rather uninspired and plain. Nice to be able to order a beer with the meal. Staff were rather inattentive. Overall, a good meal, but the prices are on the steep side. Also, irritatingly, they add 10% tax and 8% service charge to the bill (please... let me decide if your "service" deserves a tip or not.... believe me, it doesn't!). I'm torn between ranking the place a "3" or a "4". In the end, the chowder alone is worth pushing it up, but everything else about the dining experience was "3" or less.

09 Feb 2018



Delicious but too expensive

I ate lunch with friends for the second time. The first time it was not memorable but the 2nd time I found out almost all that we ordered were good. Seafood spaghetti, chicken grilled with raw mango salad, Caesar salad and desset chocolate melting with ice cream. I have to admit all the food were delicious but the price for small restaurant with simple interior was away too expensive. It is too bad so I would not come regularly since the location is just walking distance 5 minutes.

21 Feb 2016

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FJ Rotisserie

Jln. Darmawangsa VI Dharmawangsa Square Ground Floor, Jakarta 12160 Indonesia