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Buka Sekarang11.00 - 23.00 (Sel)

Detail Restoran - Feyloon

Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, Cina, Seafood, Bebek, Sup, Ikan, Kepiting
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • WiFi
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia

Ulasan Tentang Feyloon



serving shark fin soup;;;walked away directly

Illegal in indonesia to sell shark fin soup;;;place should be shut down ...why do people still need to eat shark fins when everyone knows sharks are being decimated shark are being killed about 100 million a year for their fin !!! this need to stop !!!

09 Nov 2018



Unexpected welcome surprise

We didn't fancy walking far so we took a punt and ate here, as it was close to hotel. When I saw the menu I thought it was expensive until the waiter explained that medium was for 2 people. We had the duck rice with sweet & sour chicken. It was really really nice.. The chicken was so soft and just melted in my mouth. Staff were very friendly.

30 Oct 2018

Fran B


A great new Dim Sum place

We came here expecting it to still be Feyloon which we had been to years ago but was still showing as "there" on maps etc and where our taxi knew where to take us. It was a bit of a surprise to find it had changed hands but still we went it and had a great meal. There were only another couple of groups in and it is a very BIG restaurant!! Downside is it doesn't have great air cond (just those large portable ones) and also no WiFi which is pretty unusual these days. Anyway, they gave us a normal menu and also the DimSum menu which was quite substantial, I couldn't see our favourite Squid tentacles with chilli salt & Pepper on the dim Sum menu but found it in the normal one - price was 88k for a small one. When it came out it was delicious. Not tentacles but real pieces of squid including whole baby ones. YUM!! Then with the other dim sum menu they were all priced at 35k per dish and then had 15% off so it was really a bargain. All dishes were good - some better than others but the wait staffs English wasn't great so it was a bit of a hot & miss affair as to what we were actually ordering. They do have pictures of the dishes so I pretty much knew most of them. Overall, a great find. Well done to the owners!!

02 Sep 2018

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