Fatfish Pempek
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Fatfish Pempek

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Tutup10.00 - 22.00 (Rab)

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Casual Dining

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Best Premium Indonesia Fish cake a.k.a Pempek

I heard from a friend of mine for this hidden gem in Jakarta Utara area, and to be exact it is located at Mall of Indonesia, level 2 food park. Purposely went there to check it out for the Pempek / Indonesian Fish Cake called Fatfish, the name it self make me wondering why it called Fatfish :D. I think it cleaver who does the branding, very interesting name. And for the taste when I test it out, It so good, apart from the taste of the fishcake unlike other around this area, Fatfish has its quality as the freshness of the fish blows your tongue, add the special sauce, I was like O.M.G, this is so good. One best pempek in Jakarta I have ever had. As the drinks, they are the only one has their soothing drinks which serve it purpose after I had the fried Pempek, they has all soothing drinks ready, very refreshing. One I love the most is their Ice Ovaltine. Finally, I ended up take away a pack of their frozen pack. Tried to fried at home and the quality as good as I had in the stall. Its good to share it with friends and family at home. The staffs are very friendly and well communicate with me, explain to me about the Pempek, i was never expect a foodcourt class has restaurant / cafe class services to all the customers, i am very happy. Very recommended.

11 Dec 2015

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Fatfish Pempek

Jln. Kelapa Gading Permai Raya The Food Park, Mall of Indonesia Level 2, Jakarta 14240 Indonesia