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Elbow Room

Tutup11.00 - 01.00 (Rab)

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Casual Dining

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Cool Place to Hang Out - Great Beer Selection

Appetizer: Prawn cake - Rp. 40k. Recommended! It's fried battered prawn with rolled, salted bok choy leaves? on top (it was kind of dark), sprinkled with chopped parsley and a splash of olive oil. Main Course: 1. Crispy Pork Belly - Rp. 90k. Claimed to be the most popular dish in the restaurant. The crispy roasted skin is good. Very fatty and salty though. Balanced with mild-tasting mushrooms and fries. The pork meat is pretty dry I must say. If you haven't tried this dish, go ahead. Otherwise, I have tasted better. 2. Greek Lamb Wrap - Rp. 76k It's a rip-off. Seriously. No sauce. Just a bunch of sliced plain cabbages and pieces of lamb meat stuffed into a wrap. The only consolation is the fries it's served with. 3. Protein Pizza - Rp. 65k. Cheese on top of sliced pepperoni, in abundance. It's good. Loved the thin crust pizza. A bit of added veggies would be perfect, but it was protein pizza that we ordered. Drinks: It's a beer haven. Had konig ludwig (which was on buy 1 get 1 promo) - Rp. 78k. It's good. Pokka Green Tea - Rp. 22k. Overall it's a good place to hang out and have a beer or two. Reserve the corner sofas! Lots of cushions for you to enjoy. Great ambience. Note: they mix smoking and non-smoking area.

16 Feb 2012



A comfortable place to kick back and relax

Overall- the services is good, the food dependably tasty, the prices are reasonable and it's a comfortable spot to sit. Food- we have come here three times and eaten different dishes each time. Their vegi wrap was fresh and delicious and not at all bland. Their pulled pork wrap had lots of well marinrated meat and crisp veggies. Tonight we tried their hamburger which turned out to be two pure beef (no filler) patties, perfectly grilled and wonderfully juicy served with a tasty pickel relish. The tomato bruschetta had just a hint of chilli and a wonderful tart cheese which combined well with the basil infused oil. The prawn cakes were firm but not over cooked, rich yet subtle. The only disappointment has been the honey chicken fingers which were surprisingly bland. Value - we had a cocktail, a beer, one coke and a sparkling water along with the 3 starters and the hamburger for just under rp400,000 which we think was pretty reasonable. Service - staff kept an eye out for anyone needing attention and pointed out special deals for each day of the week. They were prompt, helpful, unobtrusive and had a sence of humor. Atmosphere - a classy English dealt feel with lovely sepia colored photos on the wall, whimsical hot air balloons hanging from the celing and lots of lovely cushions. Sometimes the music is a little too Loud but they turn it down when asked.r

27 Jan 2012



one of our faves

Food is mostly good. Beer selections are good. Music can sometimes be too loud. But it's homey feeling enough that we enjoy to go back there often.

25 Jan 2012

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Elbow Room