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Earth Cafe & Market

Earth Cafe & Market

4 / 5(1)
Buka Sekarang7.00 - 22.00 (Min)

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, Healthy
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Casual Dining

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Vegan & More

Even if am not a vegan, I don’t miss any meat in Ubud-Bali . The earth cafe is a restaurant and also has a small market in it . Everything is trimmed for a vegan world . The food is excellent and service great and the location lovely. The Seitan Wrap was absolutely incredible.

08 Nov 2018

Tanya J


Gluten Free Options

Had an awesome meal here. Second time at an Earth cafe since being in Bali and we also used the delivery service twice. Had the soft shell tacos, the raw veggie burger and the crepe and brownie. Gosh it was nice, the crepe especially, filled with coconut butter 😍 we also love the crispy vegetables and nasi goreng 😋 Great place.

12 Oct 2018

Fanny L


Hosting Bali Vegan Festival - disaster!

Im giving earth cafe/paradiso this bad review because of its hosting Bali vegan festival 2018. First of all, it can not be called a festival - it was more a gathering for the staff. When we went to a talk/speach we counted maybe 10 people maximum who had bought tickets. The rest of the people had staff signs on them. It really was a joke. The only things included in a 3 day ticket with the price of 220 usd (!!!) were some talks, food demos, yoga and movies. The talks were more about health and wellbeing instead of veganism. With the commercial they had showing pics from last year I thought there were going to be vegan activists there like James Aspey last year. Some activists that would get more people engaged in veganism and also get us already vegans even more excited about our way of living. Except for Gary Stokes from Sea Shepards (who was great and inspiring!!!) there was nothing like I would have thought. Went to a cooking demo for vegan food. Came up to the tiniest little room (at a place next to earth cafe), all the approx 15 seats were taken. Stood for maybe 15 minutes before I walked away. The chef were standing in the front without any camera filming and showing on a big screen so I guess no one saw anything. The movies showing about animals were good but the most important thing would have been to reach out to none-vegans and let them know how it is. For me as a vegan I dont have to see all the horror again, cause I know. But which person would buy a ticket for a fortune to see some movies or go hear some non inspirational talks?! No one. I wonder WHY the "festival" needed to be so expensive??? Cause I didnt read that it would go to a good cause. Then another thing. The vegan village that would be a place for shops and food etc, were the smallest place Ive seen. Nothing special at all. Also free so you didnt need a ticket. When I was there maybe also 5 other people were, except the staff. I thought there would be a big festival with a lot of vegans coming together, but no nothing at all. Yeah almost forgot, in this price nothing else was included. Not even a COOKIE!!! you hade to sign up for something to get a free vegan cookie. Or else the vegan buffet at earth cafe you hade to pay extra for. It really feels like Ive been robbed. Robbed of my time and money, that I could have spent on a lot of things instead of this, such as helping the homeless dogs on bali or something worth my money!! You people organizing the festival should really be ashamed of yourselves.

09 Oct 2018

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Earth Cafe & Market

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