Dreamland Beach Warung
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Dreamland Beach Warung

Buka Sekarang7.00 - 23.00 (Min)

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Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Asia, BBQ, Italia, Meksiko, Pizza, Seafood, Barat, Pasta, Sate, Salad, Sup, Nasi, Steak, Daging, Bir, Ikan, Kepiting, Pecel, Mie Goreng, Nasi Campur
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

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Is This Bali’s Best People Watching Space???.

or….SITTING ON THE TERRACE WATCHING ALL THE WORLD G0 BY…. Bali has some great people watching spaces. Not sure this place is best, but it’s right up there. And the near-budget MENU is OK too. DESCRIPTION – warung is part of the giant KLAPA BEACHCLUB** building and set on a low terrace backing the small sun-lounge dominated main beach. PRICES very modest for an upmarket location, 10-20% up on my budget place at BALANGAN. Service quick. I stick to beer but the food looks good/menu comprehensive – see pix up page. BEST SEATS are terrace-front overlooking sand/surf. Has counter and umbrellas. Undercover area behind. REST ROOMS at approach alley from car-park - BUDGET RETAILERS back there. WATCHING THE WORLD?? Maybe I hit the HYPERBOLE handle, but the fact is there’s a colourful variety of people, including: INDONESIAN MIDDLE CLASS TOURISTS - biggest group. Surprising – other Bukit Peninsula beaches they’re a minority. DREAMLAND’S popularity down to easier access, more sand and better facilities. This is a pretty colourful group – retro swimwear or street clothes for the water: Fortunately they are not swimmers, contented to wade in the swash. Just as well, DREAMLAND features a pretty formidable beach break. The gear they bring is full-on: inflatable mattresses, rubber duckies, body-boards, fins/masks/snorkels (NOT a snorkeling location) – many take expensive cameras and ‘phones into the deadly shore- break. Lotsa squealing as they get caught by the swash, but as said, few swim – would be carnage otherwise. CHINESE TOUR GROUPS – 50 strong. Trendy, attractive sports-wear. Lotsa selfies and group snaps. Even more cautious than the Indonesians – feet wet at most. WESTERN DAY-TRIPPERS – some FASHIONISTAS and HIGH ROLLERS but most are couples/families. More gung-ho in the water – watch them get smashed in the shore-break. Some young ladies have killer string bikinis, so small my 73yo heart threatens to blitz the circuits in my pacemaker. Mother warned me about young tourist ladies but I think she mentioned WEALTH HAZARDS. These more HEALTH HAZARDS. I quickly switched attention to: SURFERS – Dreamland has a less reliable left hander than neighbouring BALANGAN**/BINGAN**, but works ok in big swell. Surfers sit on hill left of sand checking the scene. Can be very entertaining when the surf works. LIFEGUARDS – have a tower airport side of warung deck. Constantly blowing whistle at stray waders etc. Having heart attacks re gung-ho westerners in the shore-break. Ignore crazy surfers. FILM CREWS– one visit saw a television-soap production outfit set up on the terrace. Indo tourists going nuts – maybe stars celebrities. Another time an ad-production crew. TIPS- second beach is around small headland to airport side of lifeguards. Less crowded, less affected by rising tides. - both beaches have rock shelf off the sand so don’t dive deep entering. And careful of that shore-break. - KLAPA BEACH CLUB directly above terrace has killer rooftop rim-pool. Can’t tell you more – I refuse to pay entry fee (not that my low rent $4 BILLABONG-knock-off board shorts topped with a black DEATH METAL T would pass muster with the door guys). - for tips on TRANSPORT, NEARBY ATTRACTIONS and local ACCOMMODATION see my review on TIPADVISOR’S dedicated DREAMLAND BEACH** page. **all have a TRIPADVISOR review page.

09 Jul 2018

Jacqui B


Crowded, tourists everywhere, entertaining - kook slam Central

Worth a visit at high tide to watch and be entertained by all the tourists trying to get photos near the water but being hit by white wash 😂 Way too busy - but might white sand and crystal clear water. Rude annoying Guy trying to rip you off with beach chairs charging 6 times the price that you are charged at other local beaches - I think some tourists just pay. He kept hassling me and even put his umbrella up right in front of me and blocked my view on purpose. So rude and annoying. I had to move - unpleasant experience I have not had with ANY other locals. Walk down the beach and just lie on a towel - it’s just as nice and more natural - plus get to feel the sand. The water is beautiful - just be careful as big waves come, so make sure you can dive under / swim-well / safe in the water. Would be dangerous for children to swim on big swells here.

05 Jul 2018

mike c


The best beach in the area serviced by this large Warung

Sat for a cold beer and fresh fruit juice. Service was a bit slow but its a big establishment and when full about 100 people can be seated. Looking at the food being served it looked like most warung food but the servings looked a bit on the small side. The prices reasonable for a beach warung.

06 Jun 2018

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Dreamland Beach Warung

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