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D'Padmaya Cafe
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D'Padmaya Cafe

Bendungan Hilir

Detail Restoran - D'Padmaya Cafe

Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Indonesia, Nasi Goreng, Ikan, Ayam Geprek
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  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway

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A breakfasting time

This day the 12 of us gathered together in this cafe. Its location in center of Jakarta (Bendungan Hilir area) is very strategic and easy access for the 12 of us. We ate almost everything, but this time the chef took a little bit longer to prepare our food so we had to wait for them and could not eat them together. The food was coming one by one and it seemed the chef cooked it one by one individually to her personal touch of each. Well, you need to have patient if you want to have a great dish here.

22 Jun 2018



One day, one lunch

As this cafe not far from my office, today I tried my luck again to this cafe. I missed the Manado rice porridge, and it still yummy like I tried it before. It was lunch time but only few visitors ate there. I noticed that they took quite a while go prepare our order. If they could cook faster it would be better. Overall I enjoyed the dishes and the drink here.

14 May 2018



New eaterh place in Benhil

Heard from a friend that this cafe serve kind of manadonese meals such as ayam rica (spicy chicken), bubur manado (rice porridge with vegetables manado style), and also pisang goreng sambal roa (fried banana with fish roa chilly). I just love its bubur manado, freshly cooked and so tasty with fried salty fish and sambal roa. The cafe is located in Jalan Danau Tondano easily found near a traffic light. But be patient as the owner herself who was taken care the kitchen. Worth to try!

04 Mar 2018

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D'Padmaya Cafe

Jl. Danau Tondano A2, Jakarta, Indonesia