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Downtown Bistro

Downtown Bistro

Tutup8.00 - 22.00 (Sel)

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Casual Dining

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OK untuk hang out

Tempatnya di desain menarik, terasa seperti resto/bistro di luar negeri, walau kadang agak panas kalau memilih duduk di area luar ruang. Makanannya adalah menu barat yang untuk saya biasa saja, tidak buruk, tetapi juga tidak wow. Harga ok. Jujurnya kami datang kemari untuk hang out saja.

22 Jun 2015



Just no.

Came here for a food tasting session, had few dishes such as Asian Beef Salad, Downtown Nacho, Pan Seared Black Cod, The Rocketeer (Beef tenderloin with rocket salad), Fish Sandwich, and Apple Pie. The atmosphere was quite nice but as expected the food quality is nowhere near the price tag they put. Only the Asian Beef Salad and Nacho were QUITE OKAY, the rest were mismatched. Especially the whopping Rp.145k++ The Rocketeer. The so-called Australian beef tenderloin was cooked "Medium" but it was as tough as eating a rubber, even the < Rp.10k beef rendang is much much more tender and much much more edible. A SUPREME RIP OFF I tell ya'. Fish sandwich tasted more like a McD Fillet-o-Fish. Black Cod was cooked a little bit burned and fatty on the skin side. The Apple Pie crust was sand-like heavy and too solid, what a shame. The drinks I had however was the positives of the night, the Nutella milkshake was actually very Nutella-ish which can only mean a good thing! Espresso Martini was strong, bitter and had a nice alcoholic aftertaste touch, not bad at all. Green tea latte..could be better. Would I recommend this place? Not for the food. But if you'd like somewhere chic to have a drink and talk, yeah why not.

11 May 2013



Good Place to Impress People

Accessed from the underground drop off and car park to the Landmark Building, the Bistro is very much hidden from Jakarta. In fact, I was at the Landmark only three weeks ago and didn't spot it. This is a shame bacause its a truely special location. The outside terrace is rather like and every bit as good as those you find in Jakarta's 5* Hotels. Overlooking gardens to the perimeter of the Landmark and the road, it a rare space of green in central Jakarta. The ambience is spot on and the staff welcoming and attentive. The night I went there was an acustic band on, which really impressed my two younger guests. Yes it did get a bit loud later on, but I was expecting even more mayhem. Which leads to one of the Bistro's problems, last orders are at 21.30 and it closes at 22.00. Given the feel of the place I was expecting it to transform into a club and remain open until at least 02.00. On to the food, it specialises in American eastern seaboard and midwest classics, which I suspect are only appreciated by Americans from the eastern seaboard and midwest. The menu seemed to be 50% pork, which is very rare in Jakarta, so if you cannot stand another day without pork, this could be the place for you. For myself and my Muslim guests the menu is more like a haram obsticle course, even the seafood cowder contained bacon. I have to say the food was just average. I had a blue cheese burger which should be a signature in a venue like this, but although more than acceptable failed to wow me. The drink menu and cocktails are impressive and good, so certainly no complaints there. I understand from other reviewers that the deserts are very good, but being with Indonesians the concept of ordering more food, after eating your main was completely lost. Even my English guests had had enough. You could also accuse the Bistro of being too expensive, but I think that would be unfair. The ambience and venue as I said is a little like that in Jakarta's 5 * hotels and the food on a level with them. So based on this comparision, the bistro is inexpensive. Of course, there are many much better places to eat in Jakarta at the same price level and well below. But you are paying for this wonderful venue. I think that part from Pa Haji's, most guests would be really impressed if you took them to the Bistro. Certainly my two younger guests really loved it.

12 Dec 2012

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Downtown Bistro

Jln. Jendral Sudirman Landmark Building, Ground Floor, Jakarta 10210 Indonesia