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Din Tai Fung - Pacific Place
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Din Tai Fung - Pacific Place

3.6 / 5(5)
Pacific Place Mall
Buka Sekarang10.00 - 22.00 (Jum)

Detail Restoran - Din Tai Fung - Pacific Place

Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Asia, Cina, Dim Sum, Pangsit, Sup, Bebek Peking, Ikan, Udang
Batasan Makanan
Sedia Makanan Halal, Vegetarian
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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  • WiFi
  • Kursi Roda
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

Ulasan Tentang Din Tai Fung - Pacific Place

Desriani E.


Aku mau bahas es buah nya, ini diatas ekspektasi ● Aneka buah sagu Xi m (30k) gw pikir dr gambar dibuku menu kaya biji salak ternyata waitres menjelaskan kalo itu pepaya semangka bulet. Ok tetep pesan.. ternyata seperti sop buah plus pacar cina sagu mutiara kecil gitu dan kuahnya enak banget dong antara susu & santan, mangkoknya kecil bingit cimit tp segar.

12 Okt 2018

James L.


Din Tai Fung PP Order 1: 7-colored Xiao Long Bao Gems (7 pcs). Price: 78k  Order 2: Shrimp Porridge. Price: 45k tl;dr: Famous Xiao Long Bao restaurant chain with special weekend only menu. No pork meat is used in this restaurant, by the way. Most of us know the name Din Tai Fung and we immediately associate with the piping hot, soup-filled Chinese dumplings that will burn the tongues of first-timers. So, I am not going to review their basic XLB and go for their special weekend-only menu instead.  First, the RAINBOW Xiao Long Bao! Here's my honest review to each of the gem color: 1. Emerald Green ( Salad Green) : If you have had Chinese vegetable buns before, the fillings are identical. Filled with mushrooms and minced vegetables, you might think this tastes bitter/bland, but it's actually remarkably savory. 2. .Topaz (Golden Corn): A regular XLB that gets some cream corn added into the fillings mixture. The sweetness of the corn contrasted well with the acutely salty broth and meat fillings. 3. Pink Diamond (seafood): This one was my favorite, honestly. Great texture from the firmness of the shrimp that's inside this beautiful pink XLB. The broth inside tasted lighter and sweeter than the regular XLB you get.  4. Ruby (bolognese) : This one was slightly unexpected but suprisingly delicious. Pasta sauce that's slightly sweet and finely minced meat inside this red XLB. Can't go wrong with that. 5. Citrine ( Cheese) : Not too big a fan of this one, unfortunately. The distinctive taste of the cheese clashed horribly with the minced Chinese-style chicken fillings. 6. Onyx ( BBQ chicken) : A slightly saltier version of the regular XLB. Nothing mindblowing, but good nevertheless. 7. Sapphire (Garlic Chicken) : Okay, it's actually purple, not blue. Once again, a more flavorful version of the regular XLB from the garlic added to the fillings. Still better than onyx version though.  Next, Shrimp Porridge! I was intrigued with the way how the porridge was deconstructed and how all the ingredients are laid out aside on the edges of the large plate. But, alas, that's just illustration and it wasn't how it was served to me. A bowl of smooth and mild flavorful rice porridge is served along side with a plate of ingredients that include the following items : salted egg, century egg, shrimp, crispies, mushrooms and spring onions. Everything's fresh and this bowl of porridge filled me up completely for the day. Not sure why this isn't part of the regular menu during the weekdays.

11 Sep 2018

Farach A. S.


I went here for a casual lunch, wanted to try the xiao long bao. Other than that we ordered the chicken feet, also a type of noodle dish I forgot which one, and also the tofu. Thought the taste was very mediocre so I was surprised to see the bill at the end, it was 400k for 2 people. So yeah I don't really recommend this place, I think you can get better value for that kind of price elsewhere.

10 Apr 2018


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Din Tai Fung - Pacific Place

Pacific Place, Lantai 5, Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 52-53, Jakarta, Indonesia