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Dewa Warung
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Dewa Warung

Tutup10.00 - 22.00 (Kam)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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If you have a lot of time...

I went there twice so check if they are really THAT slow, because I couldn't believe my first visit here. First of all the prices are really cheap compared to all the other restaurants close by (same price you get when you get out of ubud center) and the food was good. Not great, but not at all bad either. I went there because it was supposed to be cheap and had a good rating, I didn't read any reviews. It was quite full the first time, I ordered Nasi Goreng, so an absolute standard-dish and first waited for about 30 minutes, then asked if my food was coming soon and they started yelling to the cook and it turned out they had forgotten my order. After that I waited another 45 minutes until I got my food. The old lady that is taking the orders (the who just yelled at the kitchen) does not really seem to care much about anything. There is no english, no smile, she always seems more like she just got disturbed at work by her customers. Anyway, I didn't want to judge too hard by my one visit, because it had already been quite late and there were many other guests, so mistakes can happen and maybe it was a hard day with many annoying customers and anyone can be in a bad mood sometimes. Two weeks later I walked by this place and saw that it was almost empty, except for 3 other people, so I thought I give it another shot. The old lady was just as indifferent, I waited 50 minutes for my food, which again was just Nasi Goreng, something so simple, it can be done in a few minutes (as in any other restaurant on Bali). So if you want to eat cheap and have a lot of time, this is your place.

15 Sep 2018



Wow - excellent food at exceptional value

This place is amazing. Not only is the food delicious but it’s a bargain price too. One of the best meals we’ve had in Bali - the black rice pudding is heavenly.

10 Sep 2018

Sam B


I didn’t take the ‘slow comments’ on other reviews serious! Damn

This was the slowest service I have ever witnessed in my life. There was a note on the menus that said ‘if you want our smoked duck please order it one day in advance’, what it failed to mention was that Here was a 1.5 hours lead time on all there dishes. Yes it’s cheap however the food is basic and the service is awful. Avoid unless you are on an intermittent fasting diet.

25 Aug 2018

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Dewa Warung

Jl. Gootama Ubud Kaja, Ubud 80571 Indonesia