D'Cost - Itc Permata Hijau

D'Cost - Itc Permata Hijau

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Permata Hijau
Buka Sekarang9.00 - 17.00 (Sen)

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Casual Dining

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Hans-Christian G


Maybe the worst food I have ever eaten

We went out rather later, so when we arrived there we chose to eat there because we had no choice although the squalid ugly eating of the restaurant and the strange way to order made me a bit sceptical. The food which eventually arrived was something like MacDonalds seafood, rather rubbish than food. The squid was gum, only the very spicy sauce gave a taste, the aspect of the dish was already horrible. It's useless to take about the rest, only one thing: the prawns had no meat at all only the sauce on a bed the externals. To offer such food is an impudence. I would normally have refused to pay. The service is also inattentive and bad. My Indonesian companion told the waiter that the food was bad but he did not care. I suppose he is used to hear this from every customer. This is a chain. So I can only advise: keep away from every restaurant of this chain. A chain where such a thing can happen cannot offer anything eatable in any of their restaurants. Before you eat there ragged collect your food from the litter bin.

10 Apr 2018

mahesa p


mottonya rasa bintang 5 rasa kaki 5

merupakan salah satu franchise makanan restoran indonesia terutama makanan ikan-ikanan,nambah nasi dan teh manis gratis

11 Feb 2018



Value Eats for Your Rupiah

D'Cost serves a selection of Seafood items. The Gurame Goreng (deep fried flying fish) is quite delicious and inexpensive. The grilled prawn with sweet soy sauce was a nice portion for the pricing. Service is fast and efficient. We were told that we would be charged Rp. 1,500 for hot tea whether we ordered one or not, so it would be to our benefit to order a drink. I found this a bit strange, however this "policy" may have been put in place to prevent people from bringing in their own bottled waters...

02 Aug 2017

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D'Cost - Itc Permata Hijau

Jl. Letjen. Soepeno No. 34 Grand Itc Permata Hijau 3rd Floor Blok BS No. 5, 6, 7, Jakarta 12210 Indonesia