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Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace


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Casual Dining

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Aron B


Great spot on the beach and great music

A awesome place just to chill and have a few cold ones and listen to great music, a mix of all ages and sounds which is great to see

29 Jan 2016



Nice sundown at the beach, but ..

We have tested crystal palace for sundown this time, which is nice in all of the numerous bars at the beach. This is bean bag haven. The food is nice. Out of experience from the other bars we drank bottled beer, so no problems here. We had a nice evening so i can give it 4 stars, that are not exclusively in the restaurants responsibility, but still its were the sundown can be seen. The music was lounge/club style and quite loud, so you have to like it. Now for the buts: Its packed with beach sellers. Hardly a minute goes by were somebody doesnt want to sell his stuff. If you cant ignore this you will be furious after a short period of time. We stood to botteled beer for a reason, mostly the cocktails are not the quality you expect. Although the food here was nice its horribly overpriced. Funny enough you would think its a least a full plate. En contraire, its maximum a half portion for more then you would normally pay. The good taste doesnt make up for that. The service will only come if you click the electronic caller thingy on the table, which looks like a little blue disc. Also you seem to have to press 'cancel' first and then 'service' or it wont work. If you dont have one on your table good luck ordering something. The service is kind of confused about were their drinks go. I would absolutely not be surprised if stuff ends up on your check even if it didnt happen in our case. Depending upon your feeling toward the mentioned points its a 2-4 star rating. I seem to get accustomed to some of the negative points so i can give it 4. Make up your own mind and dont forget to enjoy the sundown. ;) Helpful hint: the sun does not go down on the horizon but 30 min early into the mist/haze. So the nice time is 90-30 minutes before the actual sundown. Dont be there too late. Its also harder to get a good spot when you are coming late.

27 Oct 2015



On the beach

This little shack of a restaurant is right on the beach in Seminyak, the food was great,and the drinks were cheap, the music was a little loud for such a small venue. It also has an upstairs for a better view of the ocean

18 Oct 2015

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Crystal Palace

Beach front, Seminyak Indonesia