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Ida B


Why Ignore Your Thirsty Customers?

Visited the Coffee World in Setiabudi One. Had a small meeting with a business related friend here, thought it was going to be a quiet place as there was no crowd for a productive discussion. Then I learned why it was deserted, as this place does not really care in servicing their customers. We had to work so hard to get the servers' attention. After waving and waving to call their servers who never even on the look out to their customers, I had to stand up three times either to ask to order our drinks, when wanting to order some snacks, lastly I physically had to go to the counter to ask for the bill. Quite embarrassing for me to look busy in front of my guest. But, on a positive note, this place serves good coffee actually, and relatively delicious pisang goreng (banana fritters), not at all greasy, I asked for the plain banana fritters. The interior of the cafe is in fact looks good. I like the feel of it. Another problem was it was too hot, no air conditions, as it is a semi open space. So while having the meeting I had to wipe sweats on my forehead. Not cool! Another peculiar thing was, when I wanted to pay at the cashier, she mentioned the total amount, and not presenting me with the printed bill. I paid, and had to ask for the printed bill, and she gave me only the pink copy, not the main copy? A weird place! Something fishy.

30 Nov 2016

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Coffee World

Jln. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Grand Indonesia, East Mall 2nd Floor Unit #2- 43, Jakarta 10110 Indonesia