Clover Bali
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Clover Bali

Buka Sekarang7.00 - 22.00 (Sab)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Italia, Pizza, Seafood, Barat, Toko Roti, Udang
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Ulasan Tentang Clover Bali

Haryadi S


Sizzling Pizza!

We tried out the black pizza from Clover Cafe and it was totally awesome! Try it out and you won't regret.

05 Jan 2018

Alexandre G


Great restaurant

Good food at good prices with an excellent service. We had 3 diners there and would definitely return.

23 Dec 2017



Don't get fooled by all the good reviews.

Me and my partner went here after we looked it up on TripAdvisor and read all the good comment about the place. When we got there there was only one couple sitting there. We thought.....lets give it a shot at least....worst idea ever.. We both wanted to "play it safe" and ordered 2 pizzas. When he took the order he didn't understand much English. When he took our order we ordered one ham and pineapple pizza and the hot salami pizza. No problems. When he asked us for what drinks we were having we wanted 2 small bintang which they had on the menu but were out of stock of that night. So my gf ordered one ice tea instead. I asked for a coca cola or any kind of soft drink...which they didn't have either. He recomenede me to buy a large bintang beer instead. I told him sure, I'll have one of those...but right after that he told me they only had warm ones...they had not been in the Refrigerator.. at last I told him we wanted 2 Ice tea then... Now to the bad parts.... First of all....the ice tea we got was the worst I've ever had in my life. It took like 30 minutes to get our pizzas. Even though the only other couple that was there already got their food. The pizza was for sure NOT made in an pizza oven. They had way to much cheese on them. And half of the pizza was undercooked and and the other half was crusty. Since I could not even drink the ice tea I asked for water...which was not an easy task for the waiter. He double asked us twice if we wanted water and we said....YES please.. later he came to the table with 2 empty glasses and asked us if we just wanted to glasses or if we wanted the glasses filled with water..haha this kinda just made us laugh though. Anyway...5 minutes after eating the discussing since we were so got damn hungry we saw him taking orders from the...still...only other guests there and bringing them cold beer (small bintang) Anyway... the tables and chairs must have been made for hobbits and ppl with extra skin on their butts since they were not cumfy at all.. This place really deserve a 0 .. worst pizza ever is my conclusion.

30 Oct 2017

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Clover Bali

Jl. Goa Gong No. 7, Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia