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Chachara Bali
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Chachara Bali

Tutup18.30 - 00.00 (Sab)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Eropa, Mediterania, Spanyol
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Bizarre terrible service

I really don't like giving terrible reviews but this place was just terrible. First impression broken neon light at street level, security guard lounging on a chair on his phone didn't even acknowledge us. We walked in, no one greeted us, no workers paid us attention so we roamed around and found our own table. Sat there for 10 min trying to wave a worker down finally one came over and we asked for wine menu. Another 5 min I wave him down, he where's the menu? Oh my friend didnt bring it? Well clearly we dont have it. Next I decided to have a coffee first to get some energy. These prices are to cheap i thought. Well it wasn't a real cappuccino. It was a hotel machine with the pop in cartridges. They didn't even buy a coffee machine!!? Food was good, my mistake I didnt realize the tapas was going to explode when I bit it, fair play. What was not my mistake was that now I was covered in the filling and no napkins at the table. Again trying to frantically wave a worker even with my menu in the air, finally a guest!grabbed a worker and sent over to me. Other things, do you have wine by glass, response: um let me check, (all waiters should know this answer), if the answer is yes maybe check your pos and see what type and the cost so we dont have to send you back twice. Also if a guests asks for a lighter. Maybe give then an ashtray too? I can't imagine any time I would need a lighter and no ash tray. Vibe was super wierd, music was ok after they killed the broken speaker behind us. When you get to the point that other guests see you signaling before the waiters, you have a service training issue, soft product was terrible. Hard product, not even really coffee, terrible. Hope they can sort this out. Guests should feel welcome not that we are on another planet trying to communicate through 15 min intervals via waving menus

11 Aug 2018



Charming, delightful

We went to Chachara after having made our reservation through Chope. We arrived at the restaurant and were warmly greeted by the hostess, who had the details of our reservation. We sat outdoors, and it was a cool night, and the food we ordered (for 4 of us), was more than enough to keep us occupied and happy during our dinner. The pumpkin risotto and the fish were the real stars of the evening. The paella was good too, but could’ve used a little more salt (person nap preference). Overall, a nice dinner with friends on a nice cool night.

09 Aug 2018



Super weird and excellent

The location defies description, I can try, but I will fail. Imagine if you entered a garden where there was going to be an art show, with a DJ keeping everyone dancing from a VW Bus while you eat awesome eclectic food that sounds strange and yet the taste blows your mind. We happened to be lucky to arrive a little later at night on a really quiet night so we were mostly alone. The super friendly staff took our hint that we preferred our privacy and spent very little time approaching us. However, anytime I looked in their direction they would hurry over. It was casual while having a cool atmosphere and serving truly interesting, eclectic and absolutely original food. They had a special the evening we were there with all you can eat sexy tapas. I think we tried most of them and I can tell you the Salmon TNT and Esplosione di Tonno which are absolutely indescribable. If you don't like them, then you're a broken person and probably have no taste buds. The croquettes were spectacular and not to be missed. Don't pass up on this experience in food...it's a must eat

28 Jul 2018

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Chachara Bali

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