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Cat Cafe Ubud
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Cat Cafe Ubud

Monkey Forest
Tutup10.00 - 20.00 (Kam)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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Went by to grab something to drink. Ordered a juice which turned out to be just carton juice. The cats were not interested in you at all. Some of them even hissed at a man who tried to pet them. They weren’t aggressive, but just not cuddly at all. Disappointed...

05 Nov 2018

1008 J


Filthy, Smelly,OVERRATED

The Cat Cafe is on the 2nd floor. As we climbed up the stairs, we were greeted by a bad STENCH. At the entrance of the Cafe, we were told to choose our slippers from a pile of FILTHY looking slippers stacked one on top of the other. As with any cat Cafe we were briefed and among other things, we had to wash our hands before we entered. The sink was filthy with grim and smelled really bad (now I know where the smell was from, Yaks !) Upon entering, we saw 2 guys behind the counter and only 11 cats in total; they look much of the same breed. From their fur condition, they were obviously not groomed, looked quite dirty and didn't smell good. Some seemed to also have a skin infection! The furniture, sofa and cushion sets were pathetically old and stained (nothing like photo) we didn't even dare to sit on them. There were cobwebs, dust, dirt here and there....definitely a less than desirable place for cats. When we accidentally overturned a small jar of milk meant for our coffee, the cats rushed onto the table and started licking it. Twice we called out to the staff to have the table cleaned but nobody came.....we were the only customers in the medium sized room. A very disappointing experience!

23 Sep 2018



Cat Heaven .

Kafe Kucing is a small cafe that has the most beautiful cats just lying around the place some of them are laying near the windows soaking up the sun some are on the lounge sleeping mostly they are all just chilling out just waiting for your attention and loving pats . Although it's named as a cafe I must tell you that they don't serve coffee but do have delicious mixed juices. I mostly went there just to hang out with the cats I love cats and it was so cool to have them hanging around everywhere and looking for your affection. The place did not smell and all the cats where very well looked after and very content . I spent almost 1 hour with all the cats at one stage I had like 5 of them all vying for my attention which made me feel very special . If you love cats go there and check it out I found it to be a great experience I really enjoyed spending time with these very special cats and leave a generous donation so the cats get to have everything they need.If you love cats it a must do while you are in Ubud a great experience that's for sure .

20 Sep 2018

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Cat Cafe Ubud

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