Cantina Taco Bar
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Cantina Taco Bar

Tutup12.00 - 23.00 (Jum)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Fast Food, Healthy, Meksiko, Amerika Selatan, Kaki Lima
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Awesome awesome awesome tacos!

HOLY MOLY! It was absolutely delicious. I usually have very low expectations for Mexican food in Asia but this was just fantastic. I had the Jackfruit Tacos- 3 for 70k. Works out to be @$1.50-2 per taco but it is loaded. The tortillas are amongst the best tasting tortillas I've ever had and I've spent A LOT of time in Mexico. I'm drooling thinking about it now. I'll try a few other things when I go back. Nice staff, too. I will be back!

18 Jul 2018

Joost K


Great flavors, fresh made! Some work on the experience required

Tracked this place down via TripAdvisor, which was’t easy, as the map displayed it on the opposite side of the street, and the signings of cantina are very modest (at least). Also the place was hidden behind an unorderly bunch of motorcycles, despite attempts of the staff to create a free corridor with street sign pillions. Anyway, we found it! Tiny place. Appropriately dressed for the promise of Mexican streetfood, yet few places to sit / hang out. We maybe entered the wrong time of day. We were in for something in between lunch and snack, as it was too early for dinner, but we were all a bit peckish after traveling. Firstly, we were ignored by the staff for quite a while. We noticed they were very busy preparing loads of fresh ingredients (big plus) but were expecting at least one out of the 7 would have given as a glimpse of recognition and offer us some drinks... Then the menu. Though exactly the type of food we came in for, it was for from the Tripadvisor classification of “cheap” with a single £. It definitely is the middle category indicated ££ £££. This should be updated to avoid any misleading! Our bill was close to the most expensive of our lunches, even compared against the middle category! After all the waiting the food... As a family of four, being the only guests, it was a bit annoying the food was brought in batches. First ones were almost finished when others received theirs. Couldn’t let it cool down to wait for the rest, unfortunately. Well, the food... The food makes up a lot! And should be the winner if any feedback would be taken out or our annoyance. Great flavors, fresh produce, freshly prepared (we have seen this, big time 😉). Absoluty great food to enjoy! Potential hotspot. Needs improvement...

15 Jul 2018




This is a MUST try in Ubud, particularly for Mexican lovers. My husband is never fussed on tacos and nachos, yet described the tacos at Cantina as the "best he'd ever had!". The service is great, seating is limited at the bar so perhaps expect to wait during peak dinner time. We walked straight in at 12.30pm on a Saturday. It looks like a hole in the wall from the outside, but well worth it. For a great price, you get a range of amazing tacos (GLUTEN FREE TORTILLA!!) and nachos. We didn't order any burgers etc., but what we saw served looked amazing! The fish tacos were amazing, followed by the pork tacos as a close second. I recommend starting with the corn chips and guacamole. Delish! Definitely put this on your list.

14 Jul 2018

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Cantina Taco Bar

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