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Cafe Bali


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Very cute spot.

We had just a simple Indonesian food here, but the place is clean and the food is very nice and delicious! Prices are very affordable, too!

18 Mar 2018



Firm pass

The prices are great, that’s about as good as it gets. The vegan/veg options were limited which weren’t too bad but we saw inside the kitchen and weren’t keen to eat the rest of our food.

27 Jan 2018

Catalina R


Never seen such a dirty restaurant

So disappointed we chose this place to eat and spent our money in vane. We were so hungry after a full day and entered the restaurant without paying attention at the local. At first we were excited they had cheap food. We wanted to eat something international and we chose their offer for Crispy chicken. When I went to the toilet I was shocked by the lack of hygiene and how dirty was everything. Seems they haven't washed that place for months. You couldn't touch the bottle soap to wash your hand, it was very dirty. They had food napkins on the closet. It was also dirty. Next door was the kitchen. The door was opened. I was terified to see where they will cook our food. The walls so dirty and the kitchen also... That moment I wanted to cancel the order for food. It was clear we could get sick. It was too late and we expected the food. When it came we were so hungry we tried to eat because it looked ok outside.The crispy was made from chicken legs, not breast. When my husband cut the meat black pieces of bone appeared. That moment we decided it is dangerous to eat. We stopped, payed for it and left the restaurant to find another place to eat. We definetly don't recommend this place to anyone. I'm sad this kind of people who run this places don't realize how important is the hygiene and that people can get sick because of their bad services.

14 Sep 2017

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Cafe Bali

Jalan Dewi Ista, Ubud Indonesia