Burger Monalisa
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Burger Monalisa

Tutup10.00 - 21.00 (Sel)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Fast Food, Pizza, Barat, Pasta, Burger, Kentang Goreng, Roti Bakar
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Casual Dining

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  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Takeaway

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Students price

It’s a moist burger bun type filled with extra sauce, onion, beef patties and some watercress, cucumber and tomato. Yhe taste of sauce is sweet, typically Yogyakarta food. Already established from arround 1990. With the location near Gadjah Mada university, a lot of students come. Really unique taste for burger so far. They also sell pizza. But the famous one one burger.

16 Feb 2018

Kona H


Very old, vintage Jogjakartan burger.

It is not like the burger that you ever know. It is traditional burger, really interesting taste. They make very thick patty with sweet sauce.. With the crunchy vegetables, it is a really awesome taste vintage burger in town!

19 Jul 2017



This Burger Means Sweet Old Memory to Me

Dont expect the real western burger taste if you come here cause you wont get one. Instead...you have to prepare to get a different one.. This burger is Jogjakarta burger. Vintage Jogjakarta burger. The taste of it is the adjustment of how a burger should taste by Jogjakartans tongue. Back in the 90's Monalisa used to be very famous as this was the first burger maker and seller in town. Their biggest consumers were students and I was one of them. Monalisa burger was the first burger I had and still every now and then I come and get myself one. To me eating Monalisa burger brings back good memory of eating my first burger and for what I had in my pocket as a student..this burger tasted so good! What should I give for a damn good memory?? Yep... I am giving an excellent rate!

25 May 2016

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Burger Monalisa

Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.90 Brontokusuman, Yogyakarta , Indonesia