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Bun N Bite (Burgers And Shakes)
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Bun N Bite (Burgers And Shakes)

3.7 / 5(3)

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Ricky W


Best gourmet burger in North Jakarta area

Wide variety of burgers can be served or if you confuse just create your own burger. Either beef or chicken, all buns, patty/meat and salads are served fresh. Price is comparable with its taste. The only downside is the seating capacity, 3 out of 5, first floor only capable of max 4-5 table of 4 person capacity, meanwhile on the 2nd floor there are more table, but limited to 5 person per table. Service was nice (4 out of 5). I recommend this place if you are after for a different bites of burgers.

26 Mar 2016



Could be better

Food 3/5 To be marketed as a upscale gourmet burger restaurant I wish they actually make their burger better. I came there with a friend when they recently opened, very excited on the prospect of a good burger in kelapa gading without the need to go to senopati's 3 Buns. Unfortunately the burger is only as good as Carl's Junior at best, only with more toppings. Atmosphere 3/5 A hip place? Maybe. For me it is a standard place that tries to be hip. Some people might love it too much I suppose. Service 3/5 Service is alright. Overall 3/5 One time is enough for me unless somebody really insists me to go here again with them. For now, it is a hyped upscale gourmet burger place in kelapa gading. If it is good enough for you then it is good enough.

28 Jul 2015



Not perfect, but pretty good for Jakarta

I'm thinking this place will continue to get more competition in the next year as the hipster scene continues to thrive in Jakarta. It's got a nice selection of types of burgers, nice atmosphere and most importantly the food is good. Not worth trekking across Jakarta to be honest, but if you're in the neighborhood and don't mind paying a bit more, I'd give it a shot. I couldn't go for the full 5 stars because: -The burgers were a little too salty -There's no good seating for larger groups - only fairly small booths that fit 5 people max. -A few things that looked good on the menu weren't available: rendang sauce for the burger, crab cakes. And most strangely, beer - there were ads for beer everywhere, we even saw a tap, but were told we had to go to the sister restaurant next door if we wanted beer. -For the price, you'd expect bigger portions. Not to say we didn't leave very full - but it's the most I've ever paid for a burger in Jakarta.

11 May 2015

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Bun N Bite (Burgers And Shakes)

Jln. Boulevard Raya no. 10, Jakarta 14240 Indonesia