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Bumbu Desa

Bumbu Desa

Buka Sekarang10.00 - 22.00 (Sab)

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Kisaran Harga
$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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nice idea, but poor effect

This restaurant has a really good idea of the buffet, where you can see and choose everything you want. Unfortunately all of the food is already made and they just put it into the microwave so food is not as tasty as it could be. Also when something run out, they do not put more, so in the evening you can see buffet with many empty plates and you cannot ask for it (for example I wanted to try shrimps, but all of them were out of stock). Generally nice place and prices are not too high, but quality of the food could be better.

04 Sep 2018



Great Javanese food, many vegetarian options, very friendly service, reasonably priced.

We were staying at the Novotel close by on a 3 day trip to Yogyakarta in May 2018 - our guide referred us to this restaurant. Took us 5 minutes to reach the restaurant in a rickshaw. It would have been an easy walk as well. We weren't too familiar with Indonesian food - the manager walked with us and identified many vegetarian options and assigned a counter staff to help. We had a mix of steamed salads, brown and salted rice (Putih Goreng), fried tofu, tempeh, fried potato chips in chilli sauce and Gourami fish in sweet-and-sour sauce. A very substantial meal and like all Indonesian meals not fattening and reasonably priced. Dinner for 2 set us back by less than ₹700. A wonderful experience in every way.

22 May 2018



Great Restaurant

We arrived in the pouring rain, but were greeted by a gentleman holding 3 big umbrellas. In the restaurant, the atmosphere was spacious but warm. I really love the concept of choosing how much you want to eat. There are so many dishes to choose from, it is a good thing you can choose the amount of food you want, so you can get a taste of everything. Even when a large group arrived, we were still able to get served quickly. Would love to come here again in the future. A load of vegetarian meals to choose from as well. I would rate this restaurant cheap for European standards, and middle class / Luxury for an Indonesian restaurant

17 May 2018

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Jln. Kartini RA 8, Yogyakarta 55223 Indonesia