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Vladimir M



Как только мы зашли в кафе, вы чувствуете достаточно неприятный запах, ощущение, что запах старья. Это Бог с ним. Далее официанты подают Вам меню, где красивые фотографии с блюдами. Заказал говядину жареную, которая красиво была изображена в меню. Вместо этого принесли какие-то обрубки вареной говядины с парой ломтиков перца - выглядит ужасно. Также заказал ким чи суп. Суп состоит из ошметков овощей по большей части капусты. Уборная комната - грязная. Лежал скромный ломтик мыла, страшно было брать в руки. Не рекомендую.

08 Apr 2016

Bob C


Bad Bulgogi in Bali

If a restaurant can't get the kim chee right, it's not surprising the rest of the food will be bad as well. And if there is no soju on the menu, you can fairly well assume it's not seriously intended for Koreans. That was the case with Buga in Denpasar. The kim chee was far too salty, and despite reasonable fish sauce and chilli tastes, when put into the kim chee soup it spoiled that too. There was no hint of sesame oil anywhere near the chap chay and several big lumps of capsicum, a very few, very small pieces of mushroom and two tiny shrimp did not make it a Korean style dish. Served with a miniature bowl of rice, the meagre two slices of beef for bbq came out frozen, but cooked up ok, though again sesame was absent and the dipping sauce seemed just frying oil with salt. On the positive side, there was the taste of decent chilli sauce and bean paste, the bean sprout side dish was good, and a chicken nugget dish called chicken crackers was popular with my Indonesian companions. But it's a dud. Steer clear.

12 Apr 2015

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